Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lonely Day, Social Night

Mommy and Daddy were gone 
They came home briefly 
and let me outside for a bit.

It was a hot day again,
so I went in the window.

Mom tried to coax me out.

But I just wanted her to come in and pet me.

Then left again after only being home a short while.
When they got home they smelled like the river.

My Favorite Aunt and Uncle were with them.
We all sat outside for a short while...

Then we all walked over to the ice cream place.
I'd never been there before.
I didn't much like it.

There were shopping carts around.
HATE shopping carts!

We all sat around outside while they ate ice cream.

I tolerated it at first...

But then the shopping carts just got to be too much 
for me to handle.
(Did I mention that I HATE shopping carts?)

So I hid close to my Favorite Aunt.

Finally we headed back home.
This is my face when we have to walk by
the recycling machines:

We're all finally home.
Now I can relax...
but I kind of want to go outside again.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Long Caturday Adventure

Today I went on a Caturday outing.
It was hot, so I meowed and meowed!

Mom sat me with my feet up so I wouldn't be as hot.

It helped.

This is me cruising with my feet up:

Mom and Daddy ate lunch.
It was so hot outside, I went under the table.

But then I felt a little safer between Mom and Daddy.

Then we got back in the car and went to the pet store.

At first I was in my Travelling Bag.

Then I got out and tested the different cat trees.

I looked at the birds.

Mom offered me water...
No thanks Mom.

Then we went to the other pet store!
There were kitties waiting to be adopted.
A big orange tabby kept looking at me weird.
I hissed at him.

I tested more cat trees.

There was a soft bed on top of this one.

I could stay here awhile...
that'd be alright with me.

After that Daddy went in a human store 
while Mom and I waited nearby.

It was nice here.
There was music playing, a nice breeze was blowing,
and I was comfy in my Travelling Bag.

It was so nice,
I started to fall asleep.

this is nice.

After a while we went into a human store.
I hid in my bag until we went up some stairs.
Then I just had to check out my surroundings!
I had a great view of the place.

I was doing so well we went to another human store.
This is me waiting for Daddy to finish checking out:

On the way out of the parking lot,
we saw some rock chucks.
They're weird.

After such a long day out you'd think I wouldn't want
any more outside time.
But I did!  The temperature was perfect!

I sat outside until the sprinklers came on.
Now I'm napping next to Mom.
Good day!  Yep!  Good day!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Not Getting My Way Today

Today it was hot outside.
So I wanted to stay in the cool of the house.

But eventually Mom made me go out.
The Dog was in the office again.
I felt like my world had been thrown into chaos.

The Dog was trying to be cute and sweet.

I didn't care.
I just wanted to go.

But Mom stayed and talked to the Sweet Girl 

When we got home, I didn't even let Mom 
take my harness off.
I just went up into my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

After a while the Teenagers came over.

But since it was such a nice night,
Mom left the door open and I found my peaceful spot outside.

Then all the Teenagers decided it was nice outside...

So I retreated to the indoors once again.

I suppose today was alright.
I feel a bit neglected though.
Maybe now that the Teenagers are gone
Mom will spend time with me.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Summer has finally arrived!
Mom left me again....for hours....again.
She suddenly came home, 
only to run right back out the door.
What was that all about Mom?!

Daddy came home for lunch.
I didn't pay much attention to him.
Then Mom came home.
We finally sat outside.

Mom smelled like the river.

It was hot all day.
I was glad to enjoy the late afternoon.

I stayed in the shade of the patio.

We even went to get the mail late.
It was so nice outside I wasn't in a hurry to get back home.

When we did get home I was so lazy Mom didn't even
put the harness on me!
I just did this:

And for the rest of the evening,
I think I'll do this: