Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Fourth of Who Cares

This is the story of my Fourth of July.
Like any other hot summer day, it began
with a good roll on the sidewalk.

Then, my humans left me alone for hours while
they went and enjoyed the cool of the river.
Not that I wanted to go with them or anything.
Let's face it, in my book water is for drinking and nothing else!

When the light began to fade, we all got ready to go watch the fireworks.

Now, just so you know, I don't care one bit about fireworks.
I'm more bothered by other things, like Mom following me with the camera.
I give you, from the night before, exhibit A:

Normally I don't put videos in my blog, but it was required so
you could hear the sound of the fireworks.
I hope it works.
If not, you can always view the video on my Google+ page.

So we move on to exhibit B, which is actually continuing my story.
It's pretty much the same every year.
First of all, I sit out the fireworks safely buckled into my Traveling Bag.

This bag, with me inside, gets placed between Mom and Daddy.

The fireworks neither bother nor impress me.

I just don't like the sound of the nearby traffic.
Fortunately, I get plenty of comforting rubs from my humans.

Of course, once the fireworks begin, the traffic dies down
and I can relax.

So then there's these booms and flashes and all the humans
make strange noises like 'oooh' and 'ahhh'.

Me?  I don't make any noise.

I just wait until it's time to return home.
You can see by the way I walk on the leash exactly how
little I care about the whole affair.

The loud booms continue late into the night, but I just 
 ignore them and wait for normalcy to return.

Which, generally means waiting until the 5th of July.
Even then there's still a fair amount of loud booming from time to time.

I'm just happy that my humans return to their normal behavior.

That way, I can return to mine.
After all, vole hunting is far more exciting than fireworks!

There's nothing that can convince me otherwise.


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