Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cold Weather Mood

The days have been getting colder and colder.
Which, of course, upsets me.
No more long afternoons enjoying some good patio time with Mom.
I must admit that I've been in quite a funk lately.

Mom has made efforts to cheer me up.
She and Daddy got me out of the house one day.

It did brighten my mood.

I've stolen little moments of time outside.
The problem is that the ground is cold on my paws.

So I try sitting in the window while the sun is shining.

Unfortunately, the sun does little to warm the cold glass
of the window.

Still, Mom has continued her efforts.
She sometimes brings the tasty plant to me.

This way I don't have to touch the cold ground outside.

I've also been spending a lot of time in the office with her.

It's warm in the office.
I've taken a liking to sitting on the couch where
I have a good view of anyone who might come through the door.

I can see all the windows from that spot.

If I don't like what I see, I can easily
make a break for my hiding spot under the chair.

Still...I'm bored.

So Mom starting bringing things for me to play with.

I also made an attempt to pack on some winter fat.
To my dismay, however, Mom wasn't cooperating.

She started doling out my food slowly throughout the day
so I wouldn't eat it all at once.
This resulted in an empty bowl.
I protested by showing Mom how to put something into my bowl.

She stood her ground.
Stubborn human.
So, now my appetite has returned to normal.

At least the cold weather is good for some things.
When the Monday People come over they have coats with them.
Coats which they leave on the chair for me to snuggle on.
I took quite a liking to Other Uncle's coat.

Even when it was time for Other Aunt and Uncle to leave,
they were reluctant to ask me to move.
Instead, Other Aunt gave me tons of sweet attention.

At least my humans are smart enough not to disturb a depressed cat.

So, on Thursday I returned to the office with Mom.

I made sure to act reluctant and moody so she would put 
forth the proper effort to please me.

She brought some tasty plant for me.

I was quite pleased with the training of my human.

When too many humans came into the office,
I retreated next to my chair of safety.

Then, Mom actually left me for a time while she
went on a daytime recon with Nice Lady 1.
She instructed Nice Lady 2 to take care of my needs in her absence.

Well, that was good.

So I made cute in front the camera for Nice Lady 2.

I also went to the window to watch for Mom's return.

Nice Lady 2 was even trained well enough to bring me my tasty plant.

I think I'm really starting to enjoy my visits to the office.

Just don't tell my humans, otherwise I may have to retrain them.

I also got Mom to take me on a nighttime recon.

So, I think I've learned the skill of acting just
depressed enough to get all the special treatment I want.
Except for the food dilemma.
I guess I still have to work on that one.