Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Too Much Change

Sorry everyone.
I know it's been forever and a day since I last posted.
You see, Mom's computer died.
Sure, we could've posted from her tablet,
but there were all these wonderful photos still stuck on her camera.

So, without further ado...


The humans had finally finished tearing apart the office
and putting in back together.

So I figured it was safe to explore.

Everything was so different.

So I had to explore every inch.

I discovered that my chairs were gone.
So I set out to find new ones.

This one seemed to have some potential.

I also checked the couches...

...from ever angle.

These chairs were close to the window:

After a thorough exploration I settled on this one:

I REALLY settled.

I even put it through a playability test.

I found it to be most satisfactory.

Then I got bored.

I couldn't wait to get home.

When I finally got home I found it necessary to get all my 
wiggles out.

Then I settled into sleep mode for the rest of the evening.

The days after that, autumn began to settle in.
So I had to settle in.

I did this by relentlessly trying to get Mom to play with me.

Sometimes it worked.

Sometimes it didn't.

I've also had to soak up sun from the window
rather than from actually being outside.

From here I can watch the world around me.

There have been days that were warm enough for
my human to consent to sitting outside.
I took advantage of these brief moments.

Once, it was even warm enough at night that the whole
family went on a nighttime adventure!

We went to my favorite park by the river.

That certainly helped with the bit of cabin
fever I was beginning to get.

Back home, the birds were storing up for winter.
So the bird bush was full of tempting activity!

Very tempting...

Mom also began to harvest the catnip she had grown all summer.
I couldn't wait for it to dry!

Unfortunately, I HAD to wait.

And wait...

...and wait.

It seemed to take for-e-ver!

FINALLY it was ready and Mom let me dig in!


So now autumn is in full swing.
October is well under way.

I have decided that I don't much care for October.
My friends, Tucker and Abby have moved away.
And now...
so has my best-est friend, Felix.

Mom, Maintenance Guy 1 and Nice Lady 2 let me go into
Felix's window so I could have a moment.
I took his seat on the window sill as soon as I entered the apartment
and looked at my spot outside.

The apartment was eerily empty.
I will certainly miss him.

And now, Mom tells me that Coco, the cute Tuxie girl
that lives above Felix, is leaving too.

Every cat in my building.

At least I have my humans.
And my forever home.