Sunday, August 31, 2014

Caturday Car Ride

Yesterday we rode in the car.
First we stopped someplace where Mom and Daddy ate lunch.

I was content to stay in my bag.

Then we went into a couple of human stores.

Then we drove to one of my stores.
I was a little unsteady, but that was normal for 
riding in the car.

When we went inside, I explored all the cat furniture.

Then I settled on one for awhile.

Mom and Daddy purchased something for me.
At first, I didn't know what it was.
When we got into the car it became clear.
It was a new seatbelt for me!

Now I can chill in the backseat.

The drawback is I can't see out as well.

Maybe Mom will add my booster box later.

Once we got home, it wasn't long before Nice Boy came over.
That's right, I said Nice Boy.
I haven't seen him in forever!

After he left I went out for a good roll on the sidewalk.

Then I looked for Angel.

She wasn't there.

Later I went indoors and 
returned to my usual spot on the back of the couch.

Hoping for a nighttime reconnaissance.


Saturday, August 30, 2014


Yesterday Mom's family members left.
Things returned to normal.
We went to get the mail and visit the Nice Ladies.
We spent time out on the patio.

And yet, I was not back to normal.

I was moody; sullen even.

Mom hung out with Computer Aunt.
Daddy came home.

I played with Mom for a little bit, but had difficulty
keeping interested in the string.

Auntie came over and eventually Uncle too.

At some point I pined for my nighttime recon.

I sat in my Box of Rebellion.

I investigated the scents of Mom's nieces
that remained on the blankets.

Ultimately, however, I couldn't shake my mood 
and returned to the back of the couch.

Then, for the second time in my life, I curled up 
in my cat bed on the couch.

To make matters more unbelievable,
when Mom offered to take me for a nighttime recon...

...I declined and remained in my cat bed.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Eventful Day

Yesterday seemed a little off right from the start.

Mom let me outside to enjoy the patio.
As soon as I thought she wasn't paying attention,
I went over to the neighbors' rocks.

She caught me.

Then I got ready to pounce on her as she walked by my "hotel" box.
She caught me.
I tried to act casual.

Then we went to the office to visit the Nice Ladies.

After a long while, a whole bunch of people came into the office.
Some of the little girls were looking at me in my hiding place.
Mom called to me and said it was time to go home.
I gathered up all me nerve and squeezed past the girls.

Much to my surprise, the whole group of them followed me home!

As it turns out, it was Mom's mom, sister, and a whole bunch of nieces!

I retreated to the indoors.

Eventually all but Grandma went away somewhere. 
I asked Mom for a nighttime reconnaissance.
She agreed and off we went.

I had to keep looking back because Grandma had come with us.
So that was different.

Then, when I returned to my house, all the girls had reappeared!

 After awhile I realized that only Grandma and two
of the nieces were still in my house.

Next thing I knew, Mom was putting my car harness on me.
The five of us...that is Mom, Grandma, nieces and Daddy,
went for a nighttime ride to the park.

We had a little adventure.

I wanted to explore different places than the humans did.

After awhile we returned to the car.

I was happy to get home.

Although, Grandma shared my room.
So that was weird.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Yesterday the weather was nice.
So nice that I kept pushing my boundaries.

I would go over to the neighbors' rocks;
Mom would scold me and make me go back to the patio.

Then I would go off the patio and sit next to my grass plant.

Then quickly and suddenly go halfway to the rocks.

Mom caught me doing that so many times that she made 
me go inside the house.

Eventually Loud Boy and his sister came and took Mom away.
That's when I remembered it was Wednesday.

When Mom and Daddy finally came home they 
expected to find Mimzy in my food bowl.

I, however, had done something new.
I put Mimzy up on the window sill in the dining room!

For some reason, Mom was unwilling to take me outside
for my nighttime reconnaissance.

"This is unacceptable."

After giving up on getting my way, 
I did something else I'd never done before...

I curled up in my cat bed.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Upstairs Angel

Yesterday ,when Mom and I visited 
the Nice Ladies in the office, I curled up under my favorite chair 
and went to sleep.

Eventually Mom lifted the flap that hides the 
underneath part of the chair.

At first I was distracted by a woman walking through the exit door.

Then, when Mom kept calling me, I turned my attention to her.

"Oh, are you really wanting to go home now?"

I got to enjoy some time outside.
Upstairs Calico was out on her patio.
So was the Tabby and their human as well.

Mom began talking to the Upstairs Human.
Then, she began to refer to Upstairs Calico as 'Your Angel';
saying things like, "Winchester, Your Angel is looking for you."
At first, I thought that was a weird name.
Then I heard Mom talk to Upstairs Calico.
That time she just said, "Hi, Angel".
Well, that makes more sense.
Angel is a much better name than Your Angel.

When nighttime came, Mom and Daddy left me for a few hours again.
Mom made a point to leave Mimzy in the hallway for me.
By the time they came home I had moved Mimzy to here:

Under the dining room chair.

Of course, once they came home I had no further interest in Mimzy.

All I could think about was a nighttime reconnaissance.
Or at least a look in the upstairs window for Angel.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

They Came Back

Saturday evening Mom and Daddy came home!

I was napping on the window sill of my bedroom,
thinking about how melancholy life was at that moment,
when I suddenly heard Mom's voice.
I looked up in disbelief.
It wasn't a dream.
I didn't want to let them out of my sight again.
I curled up next to Mom every chance I got.

Sunday night I coughed up my very first hairball.
Mom was surprised.
So was I.
I thought for sure Mom was mad at me, so I ran and
hid as soon as I was done.
To My surprise, however, she was very understanding.
Just between you and me, I never want to do that again!
It was very unpleasant!

By the time Monday came around, Mom and Daddy had
rested up and returned to routine.
This, of course, made me very happy indeed.

Mom and I once again went to check the mail and visit the 
Nice Ladies in the apartment office.

While we were in there, I climbed up onto the chair next to Mom;

I couldn't sit still.

I was way too happy to have things back to normal!
At one point, I looked up at Mom and began talking 
to her with a vocalization I had never used before.

She was so excited to hear it.
I chatted away at her and rubbed against her.
By the time she thought to try to record it,
I was about done.

This is all she caught:

After Daddy came home, he and Mom left for
a few hours.

I was disappointed and left them a message 
about it in my food bowl.

Then Mom played with me for a bit in my Kitty Hotel.
(That's what they've taken to calling my box with carpet.)

I decided to remind Mom that it's been days since my 
last nighttime reconnaissance.

She agreed that I was overdue.
I didn't want to wear my harness, so we 
argued about it for awhile.

She won.

When we returned, I began to run around the house.

I had finally succeeded in tiring myself out.

It's not often one can say this,

but Monday was a good day.