Friday, June 24, 2016

Vet Visit 2016

Well, folks, it's time for another update.

First of all, the cold weather tried to return.
So, you can imagine how happy I was when the warm weather
won out after a week or so of cold yucky weather.

I got right to enjoying the great outdoors as much as Mom would allow.
There are some potted bushes set, temporarily, next to my home.
I have found that they provide great cover for bird stalking.
Here's proof:

I'm in the red circle if you can believe it.

I have found that even dogs and passing
humans overlook my presence when I'm hiding there.

This pigeon also failed to notice me.

Unfortunately, I missed.
Now that pigeon is on to me and hasn't returned during my watch.

So, when there's no birds to stalk, I just lie on the sidewalk...

...until the sun goes down.

The days since my last blog post have been relatively uneventful.
That is, until this past Tuesday.
Apparently it was time for my annual vet visit.

Now, there are a few good things about going to the vet's.
First of all, it's quite close to my house, so I don't have to travel far.
Secondly, it's full of the most interesting scents!

This gave me plenty to do while waiting for the vet to enter the room.

Let me tell you, there was quite a variety of scents!

Not just animal scents, either.

This stool definitely smelled like human.

This is my face when I stop to think that maybe 
smelling that spot wasn't the best idea.

One other good thing is that the vet lady is very nice!
She's always so cheerful and friendly.
She even said she likes my blog!

Of course, there's the bad bits too.
I mean, really!
Who likes getting a thermometer shoved up their bum?
I'm not fond of the needles in the bum either.
Although, you can see here that I'm a pretty good patient.

After getting a clean bill of health,
the vet lady told Mom and Daddy that I would be sore and 
probably lethargic for the rest of the day.


I wanted to go outside for the rest of the day.

I wandered all over my small turf.

I dreamt of wandering the neighborhood, 
but remembered Mom's watchful eye.

So I went up onto the rocks to get a good look at the birds.

Unfortunately, Mom was onto me.
So I tried to pretend that visiting Felix was my original plan.

Felix was happy to play along...although I suspect
he's more interested in the movement of my tail.

Coco also came out for a visit.

I had a great time just hanging out with my friends.

Sometimes I wonder about Felix, though.

After awhile I was ready to head home.

Not indoors, mind you.
Just closer to Mom.

All in all, I think I have it pretty good.
Mom and Daddy never touched my sore bum.
I got to enjoy the outdoors.
Mom even gave me some tuna bisque.

Which brings me to the last good part about going to the vet's office.
The humans feel a bit guilty for putting one through the ordeal,
so they spoil you like crazy for the rest of the day.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kitty Love

Well friends, spring is in the air!

I've recently taken quite a liking to the girl upstairs.

Abigail.  Abby.  Abba Zaba.!

She's a few years younger than me and has these great
flowing tufts of fur behind her ears.
I hope she doesn't outgrow them.

She has a very adventurous me.

I think I like her more than I liked Angel, the girl that
used to live up there. (Sorry, Angel.)

I've made a grand attempt to get up to her balcony.

You can see me about to leap in this photo:

I actually clung to the side of the wall about four feet up.
Mom tried to take a picture, but that's when her camera decided
to have a 'write error'.
Whatever that is.  I hung there for so long too, just so she could get the shot!
Fail, Mom.  FAIL!

In other news...
The swimming pool is open now.
What this means is that Mom leaves me to go swimming.
I'm left to sit in the window a meow loudly enough from my window to make
the neighbors worry until Mom decides to come out of the water.

It also means that there's a lot more humans making noise on my turf.
I honestly don't understand why humans have such a fascination with water.
As you may well know, I abhor the stuff...unless it's for drinking.

Still, with the weather so nice, I've been able to get some good quality outside time.
I'm generally reluctant to go in when Mom tells me too, but I eventually obey.

Because, despite being a discontented brat, I'm a good boy...
and that's how I roll.

Another example of my awesomeness can be seen when I go
on Caturday outings with Mom and Daddy.

This is me testing out the cat trees in the store:

And this is me getting back in car:

Yep, I'm quite the pro at riding in the car.

I'd pat myself on the back if I could, but all I can
achieve is licking that one spot just under
my shoulder blades.
I actually hate trying to lick that spot; it's so hard to reach!

So it seems like the warm months are finally here!
The daylight hours are lasting longer, which means
more time outside!

More time for visiting with the neighbor cats,
rolling on the sidewalk, watching birds,
and eating tasty plants.

Well, allow me to amend that.
Watching birds is what I settle for.
I want to be running and catching them...but SOME humans
whose names shall not be mentioned...(Mom and Daddy), won't 
let me chase birds! least with all the daytime activity I can
really appreciate my nighttime inactivity.