Thursday, February 13, 2014

So Much Energy, Nothing To Do

Today I had tons of energy!

Mom tried to keep me calm when
we visited Nice Lady in the office,

but it didn't last long.

I just don't like being in there anymore.

So I tried to open the door.

It took me a few tries...

...this door is heavy!

I didn't exactly want to go straight home.

And there was the snow barrier to overcome.

We weren't home for very long before
Wednesday Guy came and took Mom away.

When Mom finally came home,
I jumped at the chance to be outside for a bit.

Then I told Mom about my evening home alone.
I meowed and meowed and got her to follow me.

"Are you coming, Mom?
Look what I did!"

"I dragged Mimzy all the way from the living room
and put her in my food bowl!"

"Also, I could use a refill."

After she gave me some dinner, 
she took me for a nighttime walk!

I couldn't believe it!

She let me stay out a little longer on the tether.
I don't mind the rainy weather after all that snow!


I can't stand wet feet!

I'm still full of tons of energy,
but I'll sit on Mom's lap for a bit.

However, I'm going to make sure she knows
I'd rather be playing.