Friday, February 28, 2014

My Relationship With the Camera


Yesterday I wanted to stay in bed.

Mom tried to get me to get up.

I considered it, 

then curled back into bed.
Mom pleaded with me to get up.

This was my response:

(HISSSS! Stop with the camera, Mom!)

So she went to get the mail without me.

She was gone for awhile.
Eventually, when she came back into the house,
I was ready to go visit the Nice Ladies in the office.

I was fairly well behaved.

I started whining at the door at one point,
so Mom put the leash back on for a bit.

But I was pretty good, so she let me off leash again.

I wasn't very eager to go home,
so I let Mom go into the house first.

I was afraid she would leave me again,
so I requested her presence while I dined.

Then I followed her everywhere...
even into the bathroom.

She hung out with Computer Aunt while she did
her housework.

I, of course, found that boring,
so I started galloping around the house.

"Wait, I saw the camera...slow down!"

When she finally sat down,
I curled up on the chair next to her.

I was becoming more and more aware
of the ever watchful eye of the camera.

"It's looking at me even when I try to sleep!"

After Daddy came home we all settled in 
the living room for awhile.

This is where my blog might normally end for the day.

But not this day!

I came down with the raging energies!

I started galloping all over the house!

Not necessarily at top speed.

I was a bit distracted by that darn camera!

I tried to avoid it.

(Yes, I meowed before I jumped)

Then I tried running some more.

Even when Mom started uploading my pictures
for the day, I just couldn't stop my wiggles!

And then there's that camera again anyway!

I guess the camera is the burden I must bear
for being THIS cute!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Just Knew She Would Leave!


Yesterday I felt as though Mom would leave me again.

Things, however, seemed normal enough.
We went to get the mail.

Then we visited Nice Lady in the office.
I couldn't decide between wanting to go home
and staying near Mom.

She opened the window to entice me to stay.

I was too restless and kept wandering.

I began whining at the door a lot,
so Mom put me back on the leash for a bit.

As soon as she let me off leash, I would
begin meowing at the door again.

She started calling me "Whine-chester"... rude!

FINALLY we headed home.

I was reluctant to go straight home,
until I realized that the grass was covered
in frost!  Brrrr!

Mom started doing laundry, so I thought I was safe.
I was wrong.

She did leave me!


I guess it was Wednesday after all.
But she left earlier than usual!

While she was gone I dealt with my angst
the best way I knew how:

That's right, I put
Mimzy in the food bowl!

When Mom and Daddy came home I was so happy.

I couldn't wait for Mom to settle down 
and make a lap for me to nap on.

Mom didn't stay seated as long as I would have liked,
so I moved to Daddy's lap.

All I can say is...
She'd better stay home today!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Deserted. Again and Again.


Yesterday Mom left the house.
Every once in awhile she would come back in,
but then she would go right back out again!

Then Loud Boy's sister, (I'll call her Nice Girl), came over while Mom
was gone...but then Mom showed up as if she knew!
(I suspect humans have secret telepathy)

I had been on the dining room chair all day, but when
Mom came in and talked to Nice Girl I moved to the
back of the couch.

I thought they would stay put now.
I was wrong.
They both left!

Mom made another brief appearance when two
more of the teenagers showed up.

Hours passed and Daddy came home for a bit. 
Then FINALLY Mom and the Teenagers
came home.

After the Teenagers left and Daddy came back home,
Mom actually SAT DOWN!

I couldn't wait to curl up on her lap.

I felt uneasy still; sure she would leave again.

She seemed to be staying, though.

After I was convinced she was staying home,
I got my pent up wiggles out!
I ran all over the house at top speed!

I was way too fast for Mom to catch me on camera!

When I was done, I wanted to settle back down
on Mom's lap.

She, however, was not sitting properly to 
accommodate me.
So I sat on the arm of the chair for awhile.

Then I gave up on Mom and went over to Daddy.
At least he exhibited normal behavior today.

Somehow I was still less than satisfied with my day.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Was That a Monday?


Yesterday started off nice.
Although, I was reluctant to go get the mail.

When Mom and I got to the mailbox, that dog was there.
You know, the one Mom insists won't hurt me.

As it turned out, the dog was in the office too.
Everyone calls the dog July.
I like this picture because it makes me look
way bigger than the dog.

(The truth is, July's head is bigger than me!)

Later we went nose to nose.
Sure enough, the dog behaved.
I still don't trust it, though.

When we got home, I took a moment to relax...

...then I went back out to enjoy the nice day.
I thought I saw something moving!

It turned out to be nothing.

So I just sat and enjoyed the warm weather.

It's a good thing I did, too!
Because while Mom and Daddy were out of the house
for a couple of hours, the weather went all bad and foggy!

I rebelled against the new weather,
but it did no good.

So I went to my new box instead.
I caught Mom trying to photograph me,
so I moved.

I started to wonder if the Monday People were going 
to come visit.  After all, they had all come on Saturday.

Sure enough, things were weird.
Monday Aunt showed up without Monday Uncle.
And Favorite Uncle showed up without Favorite Auntie.

I figured if the humans were going to behave strangely,
so would I.

So I graced Monday Aunt with my presence and 
snuggled up on her lap.

Eventually all the humans made their laps unavailable.
So I reluctantly moved to the box of blankets.

I stayed there long after Favorite Auntie decided to show up.

When all the visiting humans left,
I got up and prepared myself for some playtime.

I prefer to play in the darkest room of 
the house so Mom and Daddy can't get
good camera footage.


I guess I got a little too excited.

After a good play,
I had worked up an appetite.

Then I went back to check on the weather.

It seemed fine to me,
but Mom said it was too cold.

Also, she kept trying to take nice pictures
of me while I was in the window.

So I kept moving.

This window was more comfortable anyway.

I was sure it couldn't be too cold for a nighttime walk!
Mom felt otherwise.