Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Park

Yesterday Mom and Daddy took me for a car ride.

First, we went across town where Daddy left Mom and 
I in the car for a bit.

Then we drove to a part of town I'd never been before.

We went to a park I had never seen.

It was an interesting place, quiet.

I found some tall grass to crouch in.

I wasn't really in the mood to try something new,
so I was eager to walk back to the car.

I was much more content to relax on my own turf.

After all, it was a beautiful day.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Discovery

Yesterday, while visiting Nice Lady 2 in her office,

I explored the room and made a new discovery.

There's a window that leads to Nice Lady 1's office...

...and I fit through it!

At first I went through and ran all the way to the
exit door that leads home.

Then Mom brought me back.

So I went through it again.
This time she had closed the door leading to the hallway,
so I only got as far as the lobby.

Then Mom brought me back.

So I went through it again.
That time Nice Lady 2 had closed Nice Lady 1's office door.
I meowed until the door opened and Mom brought me back.

Then, sitting once again in Nice Lady 2's office,
I surveyed my situation...

...and weighed my options.

Then I gave in and settled onto the floor.

I will, however, not forget about that window.

Later, I had some good patio time with Mom.

Then Quiet Boy rode up on his bicycle.

This is me giving it the 'evil eye'.

Just look at the beast.

I got so freaked out over it that I put a big whole
in Mom's shirt with my hind claws.

All the Teenagers came over after that.

So, after a nice long nap,
I asked Mom if I could go outside.

She let me.
After seeing that I had made peace with the bicycle,
however, she muttered...

..."That figures."

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Good Day For a Nap

Yesterday began with a good nap in the window.

The weather was a little improved from the day before.

I had a nice time with Mom visiting the Nice Ladies.
The sun came out...briefly.

Mom and Nice Lady 2 went to the River Trail without me.
That was okay.

At least when Mom came home she let me enjoy the patio for a bit.

Then she hung out with Computer Aunt for awhile.

So I ran around the house and begged for a nighttime walk.
Mom compromised by opening a window for me.
I enjoyed that for awhile, but it was no nighttime walk.

After I gave up, I curled up on the bench in the dining room
 and got another good nap in.

Eventually I'll get up and go to bed.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Rain

Yesterday was all rainy.

At first I stared outside, depressed;
unwilling to venture out to the patio with Mom.

When I was done doing that,
I rebelled against the state of the weather.

I remained in my Ultimate Box of Rebellion until 
I'd had enough of that too.

Of course, it was Wednesday...
so Mom left me for a few hours.

That did nothing to help my mood.
I tried to alleviate my depression by putting Mimzy in my food bowl.

This is my definition of 'comfort food'.

Once Mom returned and finally settled down for the evening,
I curled up next to her on the couch.

Maybe the sun will make an appearance tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Yesterday Mom was gone for much of the day.
When she was home, I just wanted to sleep.

That is, until night came around.

I asked her for a nighttime walk.

What she gave me was a compromise.

She put me on the tether outside.

During the day I stay obediently on the patio, but at night
I can't resist the temptation to wander off.
So it's either the tether or the leash at night.

I sat out there for a long time, taking in the smells and sounds.

The kitties upstairs were watching the night from behind their window.
I called to them, but all they did was stare at me.

So I sat under my window and tried to stare up at them.

I couldn't see them from that angle,
so I just enjoyed the nice elevated seat.

Eventually, of course, I went back inside and snuggled up next to Mom on the couch.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sunny Day. Cloudy Day

Sunday was nice and sunny.

I enjoyed some outside time with Mom and Daddy.

Mom invited me out to the sidewalk,
so I followed her and got in a good roll.

I didn't feel comfortable staying off the patio for long,
so she brought the tasty plant to me.

Mmmm....tasty plant.

Monday was less than sunny.

At one point it rained for a bit.

So some of my patio time with Mom was spent taking shelter under the chair.

Fortunately it didn't last very long and dried out quickly.

So I was able to get off the patio for a bit.

It was still a warm day after all.

Later the Monday people came over, including Auntie and Uncle.

I, however, was feeling less than social.

At least I got in a nice long nap.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Riding in the Car

Yesterday Mom and Daddy got ready to leave the house.
They asked if I wanted to go, so I went under the bed.

So they left without me.

They were away for hours.
While they were gone, I realized I was missing our 
routine Caturday outing.

So, when they came back, I was more receptive.
Fortunately, they were still willing to take me out.

We went to the park.
They let me sit in my bag for a bit while I adjusted to my surroundings.

I saw ducks.

I kept a low profile...

...and watched the geese.

It was getting close to sunset... we started walking back.

I eagerly got back into the car.

I was really beginning to enjoy my outing.

There was so much to see!

And I was happy being close to Mom.

When we arrived someplace else, 
I was eager to get out and explore.

I looked around and remembered that this was 
the place where Mom goes to with the Teenagers.

(To clear up some common confusion,
if Mom has an office she works at, this is it.
Not the place where the Nice Ladies work.
That's the leasing office for the apartments we live in.)

While we were there, we watched the sunset.

We didn't stay very long.
So it was back in the car!

I'm a pro at this.

To my surprise, we ended up at Auntie's workplace!

She was happy to take a break and see me.
Then the humans stood around a talked for awhile.

I got bored, so I told Mom, by squirming, 
that I wanted out of the bag.

I huddled next to the building and waited.

I could see a lot of humans.
Two people came up and greeted me.
I'd never met them, but they seemed to know Mom and Daddy.

After our visit with Auntie, 
we got back into the car and headed home.

Great Caturday Adventure!