Monday, September 30, 2013

Good Mood

Today was a good day!

Mom took me outside to go get the mail.
The ground was wet, so I had second thoughts.

But, with Mom's encouragement,
I went out to chew on the tasty plant.

After our usual trip,
Mom and Daddy left me for a short time.
When they came back they had a tasty plant for me!

That put me in such a good mood!
I just wanted to play...

and play...

and play!

Mom moved my room around.
It'll take some getting used to.
But it's good.
She brought the catnip plant inside too!

The Monday people came as usual.
I was well behaved and social.
They were impressed.
Monday Uncle said I had matured.

After they left I played in my tunnel box.

The only thing that could make this day better is...
a nighttime walk!
(of course!)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another Rainy Day

Today was rainy again.

I slept next to Mom as long as she let me.
Then Mom and Daddy left for awhile.
I showed my disapproval by sitting in my 
Box of Rebellion.

When they came back,
they had food for me!

I wanted to go outside.

But it was still raining.
I came to tell Mom,

but she didn't approve of me clawing on the couch.

Since I couldn't go outside,
I helped Mom with the laundry.

Auntie and Uncle came over.
Auntie played with me.

But eventually the humans started ignoring me again.

Sure, they come to me once in a while,
but I don't fall for it.
I know they'll just ignore me again.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Do-Nothing Sort of Day

Today was blissfully uneventful.

I started it in the usual way...
up in my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

Mom and Daddy left for awhile.

When they came back, to my surprise,
Mom settled in for a nap.
I guess she wasn't feeling well.

So I snuggled up next to her.

Daddy came in and sat with us for a bit.
He gave me some love.

the blissfulness of doing nothing wore off.

I got bored.
This is my bored face:

After pouting for a good while,
I moved to the other end of the couch...

 (...where the lighting is worse. Sorry)

Then I moved to my Box of Rebellion.

When Mom noticed, I came out.

I tried to get her to let me outside.

She muttered something about rain and wind
not being good for her right now.

So I entertained myself for awhile.

This will only last so long.

I need to find a better solution.
A little help here!

What do you mean,
 "Daddy tried to play with me and I rejected him?"
Now you're just making stuff up!

Friday, September 27, 2013


Today was a bit rainy,
so I wanted to stay snuggled in bed.

But when Mom got up I made my move to
my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

Then we took our usual walk.

After a little while the Teenagers came over.

I did my best to make Mom pay attention to me instead.

Are you following me Mom?

I need some more food!

I nervously watched the Teenagers from the dining room window.

I eventually settled down in the armchair.

But then all the Teenagers came to me.
Sometimes I'm just too cute for my own comfort.

After they watched their show I became very restless.

I kept climbing on and off of the window sill.

I couldn't sit still.

Now they're all gone.
I'd better get some playtime!
And, of course, a nighttime walk!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back to the New Place

Today was different.

Mom got me ready to go get the mail.
I was reluctant.

But I still went outside.

We made the usual visit to the office.

Right when we got home,
Nice Boy showed up.
I just wanted to stay with Mom.

Nice Boy was going to take her away.
To my surprise they took me with them!

Went went back to that place Mom and Daddy took me to
a few days ago.

I got to go inside!
This time the Teenagers were there as 
well as that guy that takes Mom away on Wednesdays.

We hung out in a strange room.
There was a window just my height.

Loud Boy was there.
I was actually content to let him hold me.

But I went back to that window.

I really liked it!

Then I found this great spot where I felt secure 
and could still see the whole room!

When we went home we didn't get in Nice Boy's loud car...
we rode in a different car with Loud Boy and his nice sister.
He was happy to have me half on his lap.

When we got home Daddy was there.
Then Monday Aunt showed up.

Now they're watching their show and I'm bored.

Hello, Mom!
Nighttime walk please!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


After yesterday,  I couldn't get any good sleep.

Today didn't start off very good either.
There was a loud machine outside.
I hid under the bed for hours.

When I finally got up,
I went into my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

But I couldn't even stay up there for long.
Every time Mom opened the refrigerator or freezer
I got nervous and jumped back down.

Outside wasn't any better.

Once again, it was cloudy.

And as I wandered out to the tasty plant I felt unsettled.

It looks like I'm stalking something...

but really there are smells and sounds making me nervous.

Then Mom left me.

I couldn't even enjoy the amazing sunset.

When Daddy came home I meowed and meowed.
Then I pouted.
Finally Daddy went to get Mom.
When they got home I began my incessant meowing again.

I don't care if it's cold outside, Mom!

I'm going to pout until you take me for a nighttime walk!