Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Road Trip Before Christmas

Recently, as you may know, I went on a trip.
When we got up to get ready to go, the weather looked like this:

By the time we were on the road, however,
it looked like this:

We had to put chains on our wheels so we could avoid 
ending up like this guy:

Or worse, like THIS guy:

Fortunately, Daddy handled the driving very well.
We made it safely to our motel where the weather
was much more tolerable.

Then, after a good night's rest, it was back on the road.

After 2 days of driving, we ended up at Mom's aunt's house.
We arrived after dark, but waited until daylight to snap this photo.

It was a nice house.
There was just one problem with it.
It REALLY belonged to my "cousin", Millie.

She was NOT happy that I was in her house.
She sat outside my bedroom door growling at me while
I tried to explain that I didn't have a choice in the matter.
After all, it was my humans' idea.

Fortunately, I only stayed there at bedtime.
During the daytimes, I stayed at Grandma's house.
At first, it was strange to not have Duchess there.
Once I got used to it, however, I claimed the house as my own.

So when the neighborhood cat, Willie, came around...

I stood my ground.

He was a large alley cat, so I'm a little glad he stayed outside.

When my first morning at Millie's house came around,
I made sure she had gone out for the day.

I couldn't shake the feeling that she was lurking around 
the next corner.

Mom assured me she was outside, but I couldn't relax.

I checked the windows to see if I could see Millie out there.

I couldn't.
All I could see was a strange new world.

I was happy to get back to Grandma's house;
 Grandma was happy to have me there.

I can't even begin to tell you how many birds there were
to watch in Grandma's backyard.

So many!

I just wanted to run out there and watch them all fly!

And, of course, maybe catch one!

Her front yard was equally full of birds.
Birds of all kinds!

I couldn't even begin to list them all.

The air was filled with their chatter!

I even got to hang out in the front yard off leash, but supervised.
There were even convenient bushes to hide in.

I could get used to this!

Tons of birds...

nice yard all to myself...

no snow!

Yeah, this was the life!

I didn't mind if we never went home.

I could easily hide where the birds would get so close to me!

Can you see me?

Here I am!

Then came my last night at Millie's house.
Come morning, the entire
 household had to get up early to move
cars out of the shot for this random film crew.

Once the hullabaloo died down,
we went back to Grandma's house for one last visit.

Mom and Grandma sat out on the porch to watch the birds
for a bit.

Then Daddy helped Mom get me ready to go.

We got back in the car again for the long haul.

I don't mind road trips so much.
I just don't like the semi trucks.

We did get a nice sunset along the way.

We stayed in a different motel in a different town on the way back.
I thought it was pretty decent.

When we got back into the car the next day,
I began to suspect we were on the home stretch.

We just needed to gas up the car one last time.

Sure enough, we drove by a familiar mountain.

It was still early in the evening when we got home.

It was good to be home.

...except for all the snow.

I guess I'll just have to hold onto my warm memories of 
Grandma's house to help me through the winter.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Seasonal Changes

The snow melted.
So I went outside to see if there were salvageable remains
of my tasty plant.

With Mom's help, I found a bit.

The humans rearranged the office lobby for Christmas.
I must say, I'm greatly disappointed.
It seems they saw fit to move my chair to the 
other side of the room.
So I have to settle for these chairs which
offer little in the way of cover.

I was, however, able to enjoy the nighttime for a little bit.
Although, Mom failed to take me for a nighttime recon.

Despite the lack of snow, the ground was still quite cold,
so I retreated to the door mat.

One day, Nice Lady 2 didn't come into work.
So I filled in for her.

No offense, Nice Lady 2, but I found your job boring.

I also got to see Auntie and Uncle.
Auntie even bought me a stocking for Christmas.
It's much bigger than the usual mitten.

I hope this means it will be filled with more nip!

Tonight the snow began to fall again.
I was concerned for a bit, then I realized I had
something bigger to worry about.

Mom and Daddy began packing.
Not only were they packing suitcases for themselves,
but they also brought out my road trip supplies.

I don't know if I should be upset that we're leaving the 
comforts of home, or happy to be headed towards a warmer climate.

One thing's for sure, however,
I will be happy to give some comfort to Grandma after
the recent loss of her amazing cat, Duchess.

In memory of Duchess.
Born to a feral litter.
Loving cat to humans, skilled huntress, formidable opponent to cats.