Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today I didn't want to get out of bed.
It was overcast and I heard some thunder.

Still, Mom wanted me to go check the mail with her.

I rebelled.

She tried to use the old 
"let's sit outside for a bit before we get the mail" routine...

Look at how happy I am about that:

When we got back, she tried to get me interested in a dead moth.
(Where's the fun in that, Mom?)

Before I knew it she was leaving me again.
Then I remembered that this was normal
and she'd come back smelling like teenagers.

I was bored and lonely,
so I put Mimzy in my food bowl.

It gave me little comfort.

When Mom came home she not only smelled like teenagers,
she had two teenagers with her.
I decided to enjoy my bench.

Mom let me know she still loves me.

I appreciated that.

She eventually opened the door.
It was raining,
I made a break for it anyway.

Mom put a quick stop to that!

So I went back to my bench.

Maybe Mom will play with me later.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Is Today Tuesday?

Today Nice Boy came and took Mom to the river.

When they came home
they sat outside on the blanket.

Nice Boy tried to get me to join him.

I ignored him.

I was enjoying my spot under the patio table too much.

Until a shopping cart went by!
(Evil thing!)
(If you've read the Facts About Me tab, you know they terrify me!)

I ran inside.
After Nice Boy went home,
I went back outside with Mom.
I investigated the changes on the patio.

She had put a rope outside.
I didn't think much of it

It came to life!

I attacked!
(I know...I'm cute)

After a bit of play with the rope.
I settled down to enjoy the sunset.

It was pretty.

Mom even let me roll around on the sidewalk...

Without the harness!
(Ooooh!  That feels good!)

Eventually Sarcastic Tuesday came over...
but none of the other Tuesday People!
That's weird!

Does that mean we're
free to go on a nighttime walk?

It looks so inviting, Mom!

Monday, July 29, 2013


Today was better.
Sure, Mom went to the river again,
but that's it!

Uncle and Auntie came over all day too!

I was happy!

This is me snuggling on Auntie's sweater on the back of the couch:

Mom tried to get me to go outside.

This time I jumped at the chance!

I went out without my harness:

Mom didn't allow that!

I saw a bug!

I couldn't reach it.
(see the frustration in my tail?)

Look what they did to my favorite tasty bush!



I had trouble finding tasty bits.

Maybe it'll grow back.

I went inside after a while.

My Favorite Aunt folded my blankie nice for me.
(see why she's my favorite?)

I was really happy with today!





Sunday, July 28, 2013

Still Moody

Today was mostly about sleep.

When I got up...
I went right to my napping place.

Mom and Daddy.......

(see if I care)

When they came home,
A couple of the Tuesday People came too.

I ignored them.

I fixated on the rocks outside the window.
(I'm telling you I saw a mouse!)

Mom called me to go outside.
(I'm not budging)

Mom picked me up and forced me.

(The video was too dark)

So Mom resorted to flash..
(we both hate flash...something we agree on)

I couldn't find the mouse.

We went back in,
I sat in the window,
and my Favorite Aunt and Uncle came over too!

I ignored them.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I've Had It!

I'm tired of being left at home!

Mom and Daddy went out..
on Caturday...
without me!

When they got home,
they tried to get me to sit outside with them.
I just sat in the window and ignored them.

Sure, I want to be outside..

Well, I did give in for a little bit,
but I went back inside and laid down.

Mom came to pet me.
But I have absolutely had enough of her leaving me!!!

I tried to scold her...

but I got scolded instead.

She tried to make up by giving me a new feather.

I played with it for a bit.

But in the end,

I'm still not happy.