Pondering the Popularity of Cats on the Internet

Many people wonder why cats are so popular on the interwebs.

Well, I have my own theory about this.

As we all know, dogs have long been the pet
that humans take out into public.
They go to parks, on walks, in cars, and just
about anywhere else humans go.
Sure, there are some places even dogs aren't allowed in the human world,
but ultimately they have been involved in much of the social lives of humans.

Statistically speaking, however, there isn't a huge difference in
the number of households with dogs vs. households with cats.

So, here comes the interwebs and suddenly humans have the ability
to be social with their cats.
We cats didn't suddenly become cuter or anything.
It's just that humans who love cats could finally connect with each other.

Long have I loathed the social double standard.
Few people used to flinch when someone said they hated cats.
(Cat lovers silently feeling outnumbered)
While everyone goes into outrage mode if someone says they hate dogs.

Well, there's been a shift in this, thankfully.
I do believe it's thanks to the interweb kitties of the world.
Cat lovers are realizing exactly just how many others there are in the
world just like them....just like you.

It's only just that we cats get to enjoy our long awaited social acceptance
in the human world.
Thank you people of the interwebs!