Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Day at Computer Aunt's

Yesterday everyone got up early.
I discovered that Computer Aunt had made
some improvements to the box above her refrigerator.

I also did a fair amount of exploring on the ground.

Then they all left me.
They were gone for a couple of hours.

When they finally returned,
I was curled up in the warmest corner above the cabinets

Of course, as soon as they noticed me,
I moved over to my Vacation Box of Rebellion.

Or whatever it says...I can't read.

Mom was gracious enough to give me some wet food.

I enjoyed a little,
Then I was done with it.

Mom sat down with a blanket,
so I actually got to snuggle on her lap.

Eventually she got up and left me with
the blanket in the chair.

Fortunately, she returned.

Then, the humans did it again.
They left me for a couple of hours.

So I did it again too.
I returned to my rebellion.

I'm still a bit dubious about what to expect next.
All I know is that it's been a long and interesting 
adventure so far.

Back to Utah

Yesterday I got up early because I
heard Grandmama up and about.
I sat in in the dining room and watched her.

Then I took an even greater interest in her.

Then, while everyone was eating breakfast,
I found a nice place on a wide window sill.

It was very peaceful until my Small Human Cousins 
came running in eager to see me.
Mind you, I'm happy to have attention,
I was just unprepared for their exuberance.

Then the time came.
Mom and Daddy had loaded all the bags and things
into the car.
As Mom buckled me in, the family watched.

Just call me Mr. Popular.

Then we said 'goodbye' to everyone and
'goodbye' to Denver.

After we had been in the car for awhile,
we stopped at a rest area where I got to
get out and walk for a bit.

There were lots of people and dogs there.

Then we headed further into the Rockies.

So I slept pretty much the entire time.
Mom DID wake me up for all the tunnels.

There was also a brief period where I considered 
staying awake, but after I looked around a bit I
returned to sleep after all.

That is, until Mom got me out at another rest area.

It was here that I met another cat on a leash.
And here I was convinced I was the only one.

Mom didn't let me too near her, but she was 
quite beautiful!
Her name was Twizel and she was also 
traveling from Denver after the holiday.

Her final destination was far south of mine, 
however, so I don't think I'll see her again.

She reminded me a bit of Angel.
(I miss upstairs calico beauty.)

After that it was back in the car again.
So I went back to sleep until the sun went down.

Then I got up, used the litter box, and ate some food.
Yes, all while still in the car.
It seems Mom and I have this whole traveling
together thing down.

Just about the time I had had enough of
being in the car, we came to a slightly
familiar street.

So, when Mom and Daddy got me out of 
the car, I was eager to walk on my own
straight to the door of Computer Aunt's apartment..

It was nice to be someplace a bit familiar.

Of course, they promptly left me while they
went to eat dinner.

So I made a pathetic attempt at putting 
Mimzy in my food bowl for comfort.

When they returned, I was reluctant to let Mom 
out of my sight.

All I could do was sit around and give her my 
"I'm ready to go to bed" look.

I know we're only a day away from home,
but I have some mixed emotions.
On one hand, I'm not eager to get back into 
the car.
On the other hand, I really want to be home.

Friday, November 28, 2014

A New Town

Yesterday morning I tried to
put Mimzy in my food bowl.
This is the best I could do:

Then everyone left me.

When they finally came back,
Mom and Daddy found me here:

Yeah, that's me.
Mom uncovered me.

Though I was happy to see them, they looked
like they were getting ready to leave again.

They were, but this time they took me with them.
So I found myself back in the car.

I'm getting to be quite good at riding in the car.

This time we didn't drive for 10 hours.
This time we drove for maybe one hour.
I found myself someplace new.
I got into my traveling bag so Mom could
carry me around this new store.

Then we got back into the car and drove
for a little bit more.
Another new town.

Mom and Daddy told me that it was the
town where they had met and where 
Keaton, (the cat that came before me), was born.

When we stopped at the next store, I told Mom I 
didn't want to go.
So they left me in the car for a bit.

Then we went to another place where I rode
in the bag. 
There was a salesclerk there that seemed
very happy to see me.

That store seemed to have everything.
Mom even let me pick out a toy!

I wanted to play with it as soon as
we got back in the car.

Eventually we went into another store.
This one seemed a lot like a store back home.

No one seemed to notice me.

After that I was eager to get 
back to my grandparents' house.
It was the closest thing to home after all.

When we got there, I explored all over again.
Then I played with my new toy for a bit.

Mom and I played for ahwile.

The only problem was that I kept 
getting distracted by every little thing.
A sound there, a scent here...

...Daddy just sitting there watching me.

Well, his hand DID move slightly!

So I just decided the best thing for it
was to sit and do nothing.

That's when I noticed that Mom and Daddy were
packing again.
I wonder where the road will take us this time.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Away From Home

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.
This may surprise you, but I don't care for turkey.
In fact, I don't care for much.
Mom even offered me duck for the first time,
but my reaction was the same as any other meat.
Except tuna...and ham.
Those are okay.

This Thanksgiving I found myself far from home.
We were visiting Daddy's family.
I admit, I was a bit unsettled when my "cousins" came
over.  Two small human girls.

At first I hid in a boxspring.
Mom wasn't happy and said it was too much trouble
to get me out of there.
Well, I say, 'that's the point.'

She eventually made me come out of my shell.
So I settled onto a chair in the dining room.
I had a good view of the backyard from there.

I even explored for a little while.

Ultimately I decided my favorite spot
was the bedroom window.

Mom was kind enough to open the window
after all.
So I sat there for hours.

At this point I have no idea what 
tomorrow will bring.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Road Trip Continues

Yesterday I was all content to 
sit on a nice chair I had found at Computer Aunt's house.
Then I realized we weren't staying.

Much to my dismay, we got back into the car.

I was very well adjusted concerning the whole affair.
Except there was one detail I could NOT stand
and I told Mom and Daddy all about it.

You see, it had been cloudy all day Tuesday.
So I didn't mind my seat in the car.
This time, however, the sky was clear and the
sun was absolutely unbearable!

Thankfully, Mom sheltered me with a blanket.

After a very long while, we finally changed highways.
The new highway put the sun in a different, less annoying spot.

After what seemed like forever, we began to
go uphill.
Well, "hill" isn't the right word.
Mountain. Yeah, that's the right word.
We began to climb the biggest mountain I've ever seen!
Mom called it "The Rockies".

I didn't care what it was called.
I just did NOT like the way it made my ears feel!

There was one really welcome time when we 
stopped at a rest area and I was allowed out for 
a little bit of a walk.

I also discovered something new.

I really like tunnels!

I also did something amazing.
Something I'm certain no cat has ever done before.
You see, Mom and Daddy were kind enough to
provide me with an in-car litter box.
I refused to use it any time we stopped at a 
rest area, but I did use it.

I used it while winding our way up the 
Rocky Mountains at night going 60mph!
That's right!
I was a-maz-ing!
I even made a good stink that made Mom and Daddy
roll down their windows.

It was about an hour after I had decided I was
done riding in the car for the day that we
finally reached our destination.

It seems we'll be spending Thanksgiving with
Daddy's parents.

Now, I live in an apartment.
So when I started to explore this house 
I just couldn't believe how much of it there was.

Mom and Daddy made sure I had all the comforts
of home.
So, after I had thoroughly investigated this new place,
I proceeded to make myself at home.

This place has tons of space, nice wide window
sills all over the place, and a perfectly wonderful bed.

I don't know where Mom and Daddy are planning 
to sleep, but I've found my spot!