Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pros and Cons

Today I continued my routine.

But Mom and Daddy had other plans.
Mom put my car harness on.
Look at the glee on my face!

I was not happy to be in the car.
I meowed.
A lot.

We went to a pet store.
Look how excited I am to be here.

There were too many dogs there,
even in the cat section!
So I stayed in my Traveling Bag.

Mom and Daddy bought me new toys.
But I was unaware.

Then we went to get food for Mom and Daddy.
I sat in the car with Mom while Daddy went inside.
I pouted.

Then we sat outside while they ate.
I continued to pout.

And pout.

And when we finally got back in the car...

My mood didn't change.

We went to pick up one of the Monday People.
Then finally...

Almost home! Almost home! Almost home!

It was then that Mom showed me my new toys!

Yep!  Typical of this family!

I like these toys.


And there was this one too!

I'm happy.
This is good.

Of course,
Outside is best.

Friday, August 30, 2013

I'd Like to Complain

Today was....

usual at first.

I still think there's another mouse in that plant.

I was trying to find it,
when the upstairs neighbor came out and talked to me.

We made the usual mail run.
I wandered around the clubhouse area while Mom talked to New Lady.

(waddle waddle)

I thought about working out...

HAHAHAA! Yeah, right!
As if I'd ever do that!

The Teenagers came over.

They were loud.
I wanted Mom to pay attention to me,
so I was loud too.

I meowed and meowed.
She'd pay attention to me briefly...

I gave up after a while.

There were six Teenagers here at one point!

They were here for HOURS!

I decided to sit in the back window and ignore them.

Eventually they started leaving one by one.
And I got to go outside!

Now it's just Mom, Daddy and Nice Boy.
I bet he'll leave soon too.
(I'll miss him)

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Today started off like every other day this week.

But, as usual, I eventually got myself going.

I sat outside with Mom before going to get the mail.

I couldn't take my eyes off that spot where I found the mouse.

But we went to the office and I wandered around
while Mom visited Nice Lady.
I had wandered into one room and could see Mom through the doors.
I meowed at her,
but I didn't actually want to go that way.

As soon as we were back outside,
I went toward that spot!
Where there is one mouse, there's sure to be another!

I waited patiently.

Every once in a while I thought I saw something move
and tried to sneak up on it.

But nothing.

Still... It's all I can think about.

(What does "obsess" mean?)

But Mom eventually left me.
She set up the camera to try to catch me putting Mimzy in the food bowl
while she was gone.
But I waited until the camera shut off.


Nice try Mom!

When she came home,
Dad came soon after.
And I was back outside as quick as I could to watch that spot!

But all I found was a bug.

Yep. This is tasty too.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Definitely NOT a Frog!

This is getting to be habit for me:

But, as usual, Mom coaxed me down and we went to get the mail.
There was somebody sitting there having a conversation
in front of the mailboxes with their car running.
Not my idea of safe.

So Mom took me into the office first!
New Lady was there!
She's going to need a new name soon, 
because she scratched me under my jaw right in that sweet spot!
I think I really like her!

While she and Mom talked,
I just hung out.

Then it was to the mailbox!
On the way back we went right past the office doors.

Mom sat outside with me after that and ate her lunch.

I decided I needed to search for that critter again by the fountain.

I couldn't find it, so I went back and sat on the patio with Mom.

But then!

Mom went into the house real quick,
and before she could get back, I had done it!
I caught the critter!

I couldn't wait to show it to Mom!
So I brought it into the dining room!

I am so proud!

Then Daddy came home for a break right in time to see it!

I was a bit confused, though.
They told me I was good,
but they made a big fuss and took it away and cleaned the floor.

But now they started calling me a new name.
I think it's a badge of honor!

I went outside and enjoyed my catnip!

(wait...sudden itch!)

I had a good roll on the catnip covered patio.

I got it all over me!
It felt so good!

But then Daddy left.
And then Mom left.
They were gone for hours,
but they came back together.

I had been lonely,
so, yes, I put Mimzy in the food bowl.

But since they're home now...

I would really like a nighttime walk.

I see your hand on the door knob, Mom!
Turn it already!

After all, I'm a Mouser now!
I should get whatever I want!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fix This Please!

Today started off much like yesterday:

But, as usual, Mom coaxed me outside.

She let me chew on the tasty plant.

We went on our usual mail/office trip.

My harness was just all kinds of uncomfortable today!

I tried wandering around the clubhouse.

But that harness just kept bugging!

I was ready to go.

Open the door, Mom!
I want to roll on the sidewalk!

Oooh!  This harness!

Mom let me stay outside on the tether
while she did the housework.

But then I saw a bug!
I must gets it!

She released me!

Thanks Mom!

OK, so I just followed it.
But it looked a bit untrustworthy...
if you know what I mean.

Mom went for a swim.
Then Nice Boy came over!

Mom let me outside some more!
(But not on the walk I really wanted!)
I pulled the tether to its limit.

(You can't see me!)

(Drat! Mom used a longer shutter!)

After Daddy came home and Nice Boy left,
Mom and Daddy left me.
Why, exactly, do they get to go on a nighttime walk without me?
(I don't know what "cats aren't allowed in a grocery store" means)

When they came home,
Mom started right to work on my blog.

I've tried not to let her out of my sight all day.
(except when she went where I couldn't follow)
I even insisted, (loudly), on following her into the restroom.

So here I am while she does the blog.
Nice and close to Mom!