Facts About Me

Little facts about Winchester Feline.  (That's me!)

I was born around 28 October 2010.  
My history is largely unknown until I was taken in from being a stray
by the Humane Society of Central Oregon on 28 April 2012.
I remained in their care until 19 May 2012 when Mom and Dad adopted me.

This leash and harness are hand-me-downs from (Buster) Keaton, the kitty Mom and Dad had for nearly 18 years.  (16 July 1994 - 15 May 2012)

Some noises absolutely terrify me:  large vehicles, like skateboards, the sidewalk snow-plow, and shopping carts.

I don't like having my face touched, which usually poses a problem
for humans when they first meet me.
They'll put their hand towards my face and I just balk.
So Mom has to explain that I'm not like other cats in that way.

I'm also very quick to hiss.
I don't follow it up with anything.
I've even been known to hiss at Mom just because she said 'no' to me.

I'm VERY vocal.
I have a wide variety of vocalizations.
I'm constantly coming up with new ones that even Mom hasn't heard yet.

Right after I make a stinky in my box I love to run around the house at top speed!