Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last Snow of the Year

Yesterday was a snow day.
So, the Snow Monster came,
but I didn't hide.
That's right.
I stayed in bed and showed no fear of the 
dreaded machine that haunted me
all through last winter.

When I got up, I went into the dining room and 
settled onto a chair under the table.

From there I could get a good look at
the world gone white.

Eventually I heard Mom getting ready
to go on the usual rounds.
So I moved to my Alternate Box of Rebellion.

Fortunately, Mom showed no sign of taking me with her.

Yes! Snow day!

As it turns out, Nice Lady 1 was hoping I'd come
visit her.
She had even brought me a present.

Fortunately, Mom brought it home for me.

Bonito flakes.
Apparently Nice Lady's kitties love it.

I like it too.

Now, understand, I have a scale on which I rate food.
It goes something like this:

1. Smells bad.
2. Smells alright, but not to eat.
3. Smells good/ taste it.
4. Take a bite.
5. Eat a few bites.
6. Eat a few bites now, finish it later.
7. Complete consumption.

So, on my scale of 1-7, I give bonito flakes a 5.

My daily food, tuna, and sometimes a wet food 
get a 6.

Only the water from tuna has so far received a full 7 on my scale.

Well the rest of my day was spent sleeping...
...on Mom's lap if I could.

Other Aunt and Uncle came over.
(I guess they're back to Mondays)

I stayed in sleep mode.

When Mom's lap wasn't available AND she 
took the blanket away, I moved to a dining chair.

Thus ending my day pretty much where it began.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Woeful Weekend

Saturday I wasn't feeling myself.

I moped around all day.
I even moped when I got to go out
on the patio for a bit.

All my humans came to visit.
Facetious Human, Other Aunt and Uncle,
even Auntie and Uncle,
but my mood went from mopey to grumpy.

Mom just couldn't understand what was bothering me.
I even gave her my whiney growl when she 
picked me up to try to comfort me.

Then she cleaned my litter box.
There was the aweful truth.
NO stinkies.
Not one!

Well, fortunately, just before noon on Sunday,
I made a stinky!
I felt so much better!
I ran all over the house.

The rest of Sunday, however, I felt lazy.
The weather was turning cold again.

Soon there would be no chance of time on the patio,
much less a nighttime walk.

So I settled onto Daddy's legs and took advantage
of the warm blanket he was using.

Besides, I felt a bit of a kindred spirit with Daddy
because he wasn't feeling well either.

Auntie and Uncle came to visit again.
While they were there Mom actually 
took me for a nighttime walk!

Sure, it was a few degrees below freezing,
but I didn't care!

I really enjoyed getting out of the house for a bit.

Eventually the cold began to get to me and I made
for the nearest warm place I knew...
the Nice Ladies' office!

Well, much to my disappointment, Mom explained
that there was no way they'd be in there at that hour.
So the door remained firmly shut.

Fortunately, home wasn't far at all, so I made my way back.

After quite a bit of down time, Mom
decided to play with me.

Well!  This was more like it!

Of course, I wasn't going to put too much
effort into it.  

I do still have a bit of the winter blahs.

So, after playtime, I returned to Daddy's lap.

Kindred spirits I tell you.
Kindred spirits.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Return to Routine

Yesterday I was back to my routine.
I began my day in my Alternate Box of Rebellion.

Eventually, of course, I went to visit Nice Lady 1 in the office.

Mom caught me mid stretch in this picture:

Nice Lady managed to get my attention 
by ringing a wooden bell.

When it was time to go I was eager to get home,
however, I was NOT eager to cross the snow.

Then rest of my day was fairly uneventful.
I slept in various places closest to wherever Mom was.

It was, after all, a cold day outside.

Oneself can only be lazy for so long...even if 
oneself IS a cat.

So I began to pine for a nighttime walk.

Mom gave me all sorts of excuses.
"I'm already in my pajamas."
"It's below freezing outside."

Whatever, Mom. What-e-ver!

I was BORED!
So when she tried to film my pouting face,
I played with her dangling lens cap.

Then I got closer to the door.

I waited for Mom to give in.

Then I began the usual pacing around the house
and back to the door.

Mom, however, stood her ground.

So I stood mine as well.


Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014 Extravaganza

Christmas Eve I did nothing all day.
It was quite nice.
At some point in the evening, Mom and Daddy
left me home alone for quite awhile.

Eventually they saw fit to come home.
To my surprise we went right back out.

I guess they just came home to get me,
so that was nice.

We went and found some pieces of tree to
bring into the house.
Now, I can't say I understand this.
First, the humans put a small fake tree in the house.
Then they go get bits of real tree.
I guess it's a weird tradition that just my
humans have.
They're the same trees we have all over town 
all year round.  I don't see why they have to
come into the house every December, but...whatever.

I enjoyed the adventure that night just the same.
We even saw a bunch of deer.

Mom and Daddy let me watch them for awhile
from the safety of the car.

It was here that Mom was hoping 
for a new camera for Christmas.

After all, we could see that deer WAY
better than the camera could.
Mom had to try really hard to get a decent shot.

I'm pretty sure the deer thought we were weird.

Then we drove around town and looked at
all the pretty lights.

Obviously, the next day was Christmas!

When I got up, I couldn't wait to open presents,

but I was good and patient.

Finally! Mom handed a present to me!
At first I had to make sure there was
nothing left in the wrapping paper.

Then I showed Mom and Daddy that I 
appreciated the gift.

That's right, I got nip!

Then Mom and Daddy gave me my mitten.
(They have stockings, I have a mitten.)

Oh man!
Nip AND a toy!

Okay, it was the toy I got on vacation,
but it was AWESOME!

Just between you and me,
old favorites can make better gifts sometimes
than new strange smelling things.

I went all hyper after that!

It was at this point:

that Mom wished her new camera was 
already charged.
(Yeah, she got one.)
After all, I love to play in the room with
the least amount of light.

Fortunately she got it charged before
this happened:

First, that was the last picture she took with the
old camera.  
Second, the power went out.
That's right, no power.
No power meant no cooking Christmas dinner.

It had been out for a couple of hours by the
time we packed up and went to Nice Boy's house.

They were so nice to take us in!

They had a lovely Christmas dinner and
a lovely Christmas tree.

That's right, they had done it too.
They brought an outside tree inside.

I had to investigate this human tradition further.

Then I made myself at home.

I even played a short tune on the piano.

A very short tune.
It was called, "I'm Going to Sit in the Window".

After that, Mom decided I needed a Christmas bow.

I tolerated it.
I guess I was feeling festive.

After our pleasant visit with the Nice Family,
we went home.

I do love nighttime car rides.

I was also happy to find that the power was back on.
Mostly because it meant that our new fish
wouldn't freeze.

I'd hate to lose my TV show again.

Then Auntie and Uncle came over.
Apparently their power was still out.

We all just sat around at relaxed for the rest of the night.

When Auntie and Uncle returned home,
they texted us and told us their power had
just been restored.

I must say, we did have a very merry Christmas.

I hope you did too!