Monday, January 18, 2016


Tonight I wanted to go outside.
I know, I know...I ALWAYS want to go outside.
The thing is, the weather was fairly decent.
Mom repeatedly went outside, but she kept leaving me inside!
I could even hear her greet Felix now and again.
Of course, all Felix and I could do was watch her.

Then FINALLY Mom actually let me go outside.
Well, I rushed right over to visit Felix.
Much to my disappointment, however, he was not in his window.

I waited patiently for him to return.

Then I started calling to him.

Then I gave him a few words that expressed my opinion
about how rude he was being.

No matter how I pleaded, he wouldn't come
to the window for so much as a 'how do you do'.

Eventually I got so miffed that I went right onto his patio
to give him a piece of my mind.
Well, that did it.
I didn't get Felix's attention, but I sure did get Mom's.
She was none to pleased that I had gone outside my boundaries.
I got yelled at.
So I returned to MY window.
Apparently that wasn't enough.
Mom picked me up and carried me into the house.

Everyone is rude to me and I'M the one who gets in trouble?


I just decided to go grab a bite to eat and maybe tell
Mimzy all about my sorrows.

I hope the rest of my night goes better.
That is to say, I hope I get my way from here on out.


Friday, January 8, 2016

Holidays and Other Noteworthy Events

As you well may know, I haven't written a new blog post
since before Christmas.
Well, I suppose I should fill you in on things that have
happened in my life since then.

I'll begin with Christmas Eve.

Mom, Daddy, and I went driving around looking at all the
pretty Christmas lights people had put on their houses.

It was a cold, but mostly clear, night with snow on the ground.

I enjoyed my nighttime car ride.

When Christmas morning came around, I couldn't
 wait to see what Mom was going to get that I could steal.
Top of the list...a new fuzzy blanket!
(Thank you, Sneaky Girl!)

I got plenty of catnip in my stocking.

So, after all the presents were unwrapped,
I went into a nip induced frenzy!

I had a lot of fun!

The days that followed were cold.
It seems 2016 wanted to have a high temperature of 16ºF, (-9ºC).
So I was stuck indoors for-e-ver.
I came down with a severe case of cabin fever.
The symptoms?
Long periods of moping around, outbursts of hissing,
and sudden fits of trying to find ways to entertain myself.

At some point, Mom unstitched my toy, McQueen,
and stuffed some catnip inside.
I was pleased with the improvement.

There was a rare moment when I got to go outside
to find out exactly how cold it was.
I didn't like it.

Now, I have been known, on occasion, to steal water
from Daddy's cup.
Well, I decided to begin the new year by increasing the frequency of this.
You must understand, when it comes to Mom's glass,
I simply lick the condensation from the side.
When it comes to Daddy's cup...well...I claim the whole thing.
I lick the rim and stick my face in to drink the water.
Daddy is not happy about this.
Something about allergies.
So, in an attempt to get me to leave Daddy's cup alone,
the humans gave me my own cup.

I do appreciate it.

Still, after drinking from my cup, I'll walk directly 
over to Daddy's cup and try for his water as well.

I blame the cabin fever.

It's turning me into a special sort of crazy.

Mom even put a cup of water next to my food bowl.

Well, just when I thought my cabin fever couldn't get any worse...
...a monster showed up outside.

It's days like that when it's just not even worth getting out of bed.

At least the monster keeps human work hours.
So I can still enjoy my cat hours.

Mom also rearranged my room.
Now I can sit next to her and play with Mimzy
while she works at the desk.

So now you're all up to date.
Today was 35ºF / 2ºC.
So I thought it was a good day to get outside to try to
shake off some of my cabin fever.
Because of the recent monster activity,
my yard currently looks like this:

At least I get a temporary deck out of the deal.

I went to see if Felix wanted to visit.
His human greeted me and tried to get Felix to come
to the window, but Felix had other ideas.

So I went and mourned the tasty plant for as long as I could.

Eventually, Mom complained about the cold and made me go inside.

I hope all of you are having better luck fending off the cabin fever than I am.