Sunday, May 14, 2017

Spring Nights

Ah, the long awaited blog post.
I bet you're all wondering what I've been up to.

Well, nighttime car rides.

Lots and lots of nighttime car rides.

I've watched Daddy drive so much that I started thinking that
maybe I could learn how to do it.

Then I thought better of it.
I mean, who wants to do something when you can just sit there?

Well, not me!

Of course, these pictures were taken when Mom and I
were waiting in the car for Daddy to return.
I hope you all know that I ride buckled in.

The best part of any car ride is, of course, the return home.

Here's where I've taken to scratching on the neighbor's
mat while I wait for my door to open.

In other news,
Mom and Daddy bought me some tasty grass for indoors.

tasty grass!

The other thing that came into my house unexpectedly
was this recliner:

Other Aunt and Uncle brought it in one night.
At first I was like, "Um...who said you could bring this into my house?"

But then I decided it was comfy.
So now, if one of my humans is using a recliner, I don't have to
steal it from them the second they stand up.
Now I can simply curl up in the other one.
Of course, if both my humans are using recliners, I just
have to choose which lap I want to lie on.

With all these changes, we can't overlook the most important one...
spring finally went into full bloom!

With that came more patio time with Mom.

The birds started drinking and bathing in the fountain.

Wait....the birds drink their bath water?!

You say that me using my tongue to bathe it pretty much the same thing?

But what if they poop in the water?

Yeah, O.K., I do lick my butt.
You've got me there.

Where was I?
Oh, yeah.

Speaking of birds, some ducks moved into my neighborhood.
Meet Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.

Of course, they use the same water that all the other birds do.

So now I have to rethink all my hunting strategies...

...and go for more car rides.

I prefer the nighttime rides to the daytime ones.

So, as usual, I hope to write in my blog more often.
Clearly I failed this time...
Sorry about that.
I blame Mom.
After all what has she been doing all this time?
I've done my part.
I've been cute!

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And if you're one of those people that think no one uses Google+,
you're not doing it right.

I have met the most awesome people with shared interests on G+!
So here's a shout out to all my Google+ followers!
You guys are awesome! Thank you for all your love and support.
And to all the cats and people who have made the Tuxedo Cats Community
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Thank you all!


Monday, March 20, 2017

Changing of the Seasons

It felt like the white stuff would never go away.

Every time it melted, I seized the opportunity to go vole hunting.

I almost caught it once.
I pounced, but my paws came up empty.

As the stretches between snowfalls got longer,
I decided to broaden my activities.
So I went looking for my friend, Felix.
Mom keeps reminding me that he moved away last autumn.

So I find myself alone.

No Felix.  No vole.

Just fond memories of last summer when I had both.

All winter long I could think only of the things
I would do once spring came around.
Now that it's finally here, I find myself at a loss.

The human activity during the daytime has increased.
This means that my enjoyment of the outdoors is often hindered
with noises that make me feel less than comfortable.
Loud talking.
Loud walking.
Loud running.
And worst of all...skateboards!

So I was happy when Mom took me for a nighttime recon.

These are very important to me.
For one thing, there are fewer, if any, loud humans out.
Secondly, I get to check the security of my perimeter.
It's very important for a cat to know what's going on around
one's territory.
Mom understands this.

I got to explore areas I haven't visited since before winter.

With the increased number of warmer days,
I've increased my attempts to find Felix.

Anytime I see a little movement in that window,
I run over there to see who it is.

It's never Felix.
Mom just says, "Winchester! Felix doesn't live there anymore!"
How do I know he won't come back?

Eventually Mom decided winter was pretty much done.
She figures that there's always a chance the snow might
show up again, but not as much as before.
So she did the sensible thing.
She cleaned the patio.
That means that my favorite red chair is back out.
From here I can keep an eye on the vole area while
staying sheltered from wind and rain.
Most importantly, it keeps my paws off of the cold concrete.

My indoor activities still consist mostly of sleeping.
However, I have taken to sleeping and playing in the same spot.

Next to my favorite scratching post.
From here I can keep an eye on the door in case Mom opens it.

The dining room chair is an even better spot for this.
It has the added benefit of a sight line to the vole area.

Mom and Daddy have also taken me out more often.
This is me rockin' it in the front seat with Mom and Daddy:

And this is how I chill in the backseat:

Either way, I'm buckled in.

I'm always reluctant to go on car rides,
but once I settle in, I'm good.

Last Caturday we went to the park.

The water level is really low right now.

I got to see the ducks and geese.

Let me tell you, the ducks were super loud and obnoxious.
They sounded like they were just mocking every little
thing with raucous laughter.
I was not amused.

I was also very unsure of this one log.


Anyway... happy spring everyone!
I know some of you are still being assaulted by winter.
I, for one, have certainly had enough of that!

If I, one of the most discontented cats in the world, can make it through;
then so can you.

In the meantime, might I recommend some form of hibernation.


Monday, February 27, 2017

Weather Ups and Downs

Hello Interweb friends!
It seems Mom has been slacking again.
I kept reminding her to help me with my blog,
but she just wouldn't get it done in a timely fashion.

So, what have I been up to? 
I'll tell you.
I think that the worst of winter has passed.
So I got to get out of the house a couple of times
and went on Caturday outings.

I didn't always sit the right way around in the car,
but there's just too much to see in all directions!

I always start off with some loud opinions.

Then I start to get into the swing of things.

Eventually I have to give in and admit that I enjoy it.
I hate admitting that I enjoy things.
It sort of damages my reputation as a discontented cat.

So it's times like this when I really have to 
reassure my fandom that I am generally, and most often, in
a state of discontentment.

Especially when Mom snaps those embarrassing photos
of me with my tongue sticking out!

As Caturday rolls on, I settle in quite nicely.

If you follow my Google+ or Instagram, you'll know
that I got to go into stores and either wander around
or ride in my traveling bag.

This is my traveling bag:

This is what Mom put on it:

People often don't know how to react to a cat out in the world.
Sometimes they'll read the bag and say, "But there's not really
a cat in there, right?"
Some people are so thrown off by a cat on a leash that their brain
stops working outright.
I can't tell you how many people can't figure out if I'm a cat or a dog!
Rude, people! Rude!
Just this last Caturday Mom, Daddy and I were approaching the Nip and Food Store.
Mom, seeing that there were a lot a dogs around, held me in her arms.
Then, this lady said to her, "What a beautiful dog!"
How does one respond to that?
It's been suggested that I should have hissed at her.
Mom said, "He's a cat, that's why he's so beautiful."
The lady looked super offended!

But I digress.
By the time night rolls around, I'm ready to head home.


After all, home has filtered fish flavored water.

It has warm human laps with blankets.

Unfortunately, just when I think springtime might actually be snows again.

Then I have to sit around and wait.

I try to occupy myself with play.

Then, the rain comes.
If I'm really lucky, a little sunshine comes too.
The snow begins to melt away.

I actually get to shed a little of my cabin fever and enjoy the patio.

I get to venture out to the wonderful vole hunting grounds!

I know he's in there.
I can see the tasty plant moving.

I just can't quite get that golden opportunity to arise.

I even went to check if Felix was home...
only to have Mom remind me that he moved away.

I returned home a little sad; Mom shared in my sadness.

Then it came back.
The horrid snow.

So I would curl up and mope again.

Then the days would warm up again and I'd venture outside.

Have I mentioned that I really hate crossing the wet or icy grass?
Well I do.

Once in awhile I find a good bit of tasty plant to munch on.

Which brings me to today.
27 February 2017.
It was nice enough that I thought spring was finally here!
I even gave into my springtime urge to roll on the sidewalk!

Sure, the weather hadn't really been all that consistent.
The fountain is still frozen and now there's graupel on the ground.
(If you don't know what that is, it's like soft hail.  It feels like 
stupid little styrofoam balls that have no business falling from the sky.)

I had no luck vole hunting.

Then, Tornado Girl came over.
She hasn't been over in forever.
I was actually happy to see her!
Then I remembered that, unlike Mom, I'm not supposed to like teenagers.
It's a cat thing.
So I hissed at her.

Which brings me to tonight.
Guess what.
That's right.
It's snowing again.

So I've returned to my Pillow of Rebellion.
(If you don't know, it really is pillow of rebellion.  It has
the Star Wars Rebel insignia on it and everything! It's so me.)

I shall remain true to my discontented self.
I shall mope until springtime is truly here and Mom let's 
me go outside for hours on end to hunt voles.
Then, when I am made to go back inside, I shall be unhappy.
That's just how I roll.