Friday, January 30, 2015

Enough with the Changes, Humans!

Yesterday some guy came into my house.
He started moving things around in all the rooms.
He got into closets; he changed everything around the TV.
He would leave the house only to come back.
Mom insisted that he was a dear friend, but I 
was uncomfortable with more change.

Seriously, humans, when are all these
changes to my world going to stop?

After he left, I was happy to visit the Nice Ladies' office.
Although, they made changes there too.  I think there's an epidemic!
Now the Nice Ladies share one office and 
the Maintenance Guys have the other.

At least the lobby seemed mostly normal.

I did get to enjoy the patio for a bit, even though
the weather's beginning to turn cold again.

While I was out there, I discovered something awesome.
A new cat has moved in right next door!

He's a Russian Blue named Felix.
Well, let me tell you, when I saw him sitting in the 
window I just couldn't contain myself!

I climbed up onto the neighbor's rocks,
(which Mom doesn't normally allow),
lept right up onto the neighbor's AC box and 
introduced myself.

The human inside even tried to open the window
so we could smell each other.
That seemed to make Felix a little nervous,
so the window stayed closed.

When Daddy came home, I was disappointed that
he took Mom away.
She's not supposed to leave me on Thursdays.

However, while she was gone, Daddy and I had visitors.
Uncle came over and so did Other Aunt.
I admit, it was a little confusing have my 
Aunts and Uncles mixed up like that, but it was still nice.

When Mom finally came back home, I hoped for
a good nighttime recon.

After all, there are some things to consider.
That guy did something to the outside of the building too,
so I would like to check it out.

Not to mention I want to see if Felix is in the window.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Still Crazy

Yesterday Mom was still
off her rocker.
I guess rearranging the living room wasn't enough for her.

This time she had to go and rearrange MY room.
Did she ask me?
No she did not.
I'm not sure I like it.

Well, I guess I approve of the placement of this one chair.


Just this ONE chair.

To make matters worse, she says she won't be 
entirely finished with this crazy project until the weekend.
She insists that I'll like the final product.

I'll be the judge of that!
Until then, I'll approve of this chair...

...and nothing else.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Springtiime in January

So, I'm back.
Well, truthfully, I didn't go anywhere.

The weather has been strangely springlike.

As a result, I've been able to enjoy the patio...even at night.

With the nice weather, I even got to go for a nighttime recon.

Then, a week ago Saturday, Mom and Daddy went berserk!

I mean, truly out of their human minds.

They absolutely tore apart the living room.
Nothing was left in the same spot.
Sure, some things only moved a little bit,
but the majority of things were moved all over the place!

There was vacuuming too!
Now, I hate that carpet monster, but I was 
so curious about what was going on, I stuck around
and watched from the dining room.

After what seemed like for-e-ver, Mom and Daddy
settled down in what looked like an entirely new room.
They seemed quite pleased with themselves.

I have to admit, I like where things ended up.

I can actually access the window from my box hotel.

I can also survey much of the surrounding area from there.
And I must say, there is some spectacular floor space.

I did have to get used to a new running trajectory.
It used to be a straight shot from the door down the hallway.

Now I have to arc a bit, but I adjusted quickly.

I was pretty excited about the whole arrangement,
so I began to romp.

With the rest of my stay-at-home vacation, I did
some serious relaxing.
I not only napped on Mom's lap,
but often chose Daddy's.

I like the new view from the recliner.

When Auntie and Uncle came to visit,
I shared the recliner with Auntie.

Yep, this new arrangement suits me just fine.

I did put Mimzy in the food bowl...once.

Then the weather just kept getting better.
Mom even wore flip-flops!

I enjoyed my visits to the Nice Ladies' office.

I enjoyed amazing sunsets.

I looked for mice in the tasty plant.

I continued to enjoy my new box hotel location.

Yesterday was so spring-like that I got in a great 
roll on the sidewalk.

I got myself good and dirty!

Other Aunt and Uncle came over yesterday
as usual...although they missed last Monday.
They seemed to approve of the new living room too.

Everything was perfect.
Well...almost perfect.

I'd like to take this moment to remind 
Mom that the weather is still quite amazing.
Therefore, she has no excuse not to take me
for a nice long nighttime recon.


Saturday, January 17, 2015


Yesterday I was still feeling a bit out of sorts.
Mom came very close to 
catching me in the act of putting Mimzy
into my food bowl.

She might have succeeded if there had been 
food in my bowl.
Since it was empty, however, I carried
Mimz back to my chosen play area.

Much later in the day
I tried to improve my mood with a bit of 
the ol' fish flavored water.

Mom even tried to cheer me up with a good 
nighttime recon!

I took my time exploring the scents around the neighborhood.

I guess it was a good start to improving
my winter malaise.

Maybe the weekend will be an improvement.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Out of Sorts

Yesterday, while in the Nice Ladies' office,
 I almost did it again...
...but I caught myself.

I quickly regained my composure.

Mom actually took me for a brief evening recon later.

It was brief because it was evening and there
were still too many humans out and about.
So I became nervous quickly and headed for home.

After that I felt a bit out of sorts.
It wasn't a rebellious sort of mood,
just uneasy, I guess.

Once it got quiet outside, I wanted to try for that
recon again, but it was raining.

We usually don't get so much rain, especially in
January when we should be getting snow or freezing fog.
Anything but rain.

After I finished gazing forlornly at the outdoors,
Mom let me watch my favorite YouTube video.

That held my attention for quite awhile. least until the fridge began
making an interesting noise.

I'm still wondering how long winter is,
but at least the sun is setting later.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Unsatisfactory Day

Yesterday Tornado Girl came over again.
She tried to make friends with me.
I wasn't ready for that step in our relationship.

Since it was Wednesday, someone came and
took Mom and Tornado Girl away.
So, as usual, I had to turn to Mimzy for company.

I really don't like to eat alone.

After Mom and Daddy came home,
I sat near them.

I have to admit I felt a bit dissatisfied with my day.

I can't help longing for a good nighttime recon.

Which begs the question:
How long is winter anyway?


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Seed of Rebellion

Yesterday started off normal enough,
but already there was a seed of rebellion 
growing inside me.

Mom and I made the usual rounds.
Seeming to be in a pretty good mood,
I was very well behaved in the Nice Ladies' office.

Later that evening Other Aunt and Uncle came over.

At this point I curled up on Mom's lap.
Things still appeared normal, but that seed 
was taking root.

By the time Auntie and Uncle joined the party,
I had moved into the dining room to be alone.

I felt a bit ignored.

So, you'd think that having Mom come over
to give me some attention would be a good thing.

It wasn't.

That seed of rebellion had taken root and
I lashed out at Mom.

I was in a terrible mood!

Mom tried to get me to mellow out,
but all I did was get more rebellious.

This time I jumped up onto the kitchen counter
and helped myself to some fish flavored water.

I gave Mom such a look when she scolded me!

Well, after that I spiraled out of control.
My rebellion was in full bloom.
By the time I hissed at Other Uncle, I was 
 well onto Mom's bad side.

Auntie tried playing with me to give my
attitude a place to go.

I guess it worked.
It was either that or the fact that I was
not getting what I wanted.

I finally decided that it might be a good idea
to calm down.
I went back into the dining room and 
curled up again.

This time, when Mom came to give me
some attention, I remained calm.

I had a much better attitude.

I can't say I was a perfect angel the rest of the night,
but that rebellion that had grown inside of me
was wilting away.