Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Colder Nights

Sunday I was out on the sidewalk when I 
heard some barking.
So I looked up.

There they were, looking down at me, the dogs on
the third floor.
I suspect they were the one's who dropped a bone
in my yard the day before.

Otherwise, it was a fairly uneventful day.
Not even a nighttime recon.

So when Monday came, I was eager to go outside.
I got a little ahead of Mom and waited impatiently 
for her to catch up.

Then I spent time at the tasty plant.

I was only outside for a short while.

It wasn't very long after going in the house 
that I got this look on my face:

That's the 'oh, Mom and Daddy are leaving me' face.

"I thought this was Monday.
Isn't this the day you stay home and everyone comes over?"

Well, as it turns out, they were gone for a couple of hours.
When they returned, they had all the Monday People with them.

I, however, still wanted a bit of outside time.

I guess it's autumn or something, because even I didn't 
want to stay out for very long.
It's getting a bit chilly at night.

While the Monday People were visiting,
I curled up for a nap on the couch
right between Mom and Daddy.

After awhile, Auntie and Uncle showed up too.
With the house full of humans, I minded my own business.

Eventually all our guests went home.

I tried to get Mom interested in playing with me.

Her efforts were lazy at best.

So I snuggled up on the couch again.

I wasn't really sleepy though.
So I figured it was a good time to clean up.
Then, for some reason Mom decided that was 
a good time to video me.

"Well, whatever weird human."

I guess I can live with that.

What I really want is some good playtime!
After all, it's getting a little cold outside for 
really a good nighttime reconnaissance.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bad Start to a Day

Yesterday when Mom and I went to go make the 
usual rounds, there was something strange on the grass.

Now I ask you, who leaves bones lying around?

I'm thinking...dog.

After a brief visit with Nice Lady 2,
we went down the hall to the side door that
leads to home.

I couldn't wait for Mom to open the door.
When she did, however,
that's when I hit a snag.


It happened so fast,
but near as I can tell, my tag got caught
on the door just as it opened.

I was sure Mom had done something to punish me
for some reason.

I ran into the house as fast as I could and hid under the desk.
Mom came to comfort me,
but I didn't trust her.
So she lay down on her back on the floor near me
and spoke sweetly to 
show me her intentions.
That helped a lot!
I began to calm down and she was able to check and 
make sure I wasn't hurt.

After that she let me snuggle with her.

I stayed there for as long as she let me.

It helped that Doctor Who was on.

Even after Mom had to move into a different position,
I went to great efforts to regain a spot on her lap.

Later that night, Monday Aunt and Uncle came over.

Monday Aunt was super sweet and gave me the
condensation on the side of her glass.

After that, I got a bit hyper.

I had a lot of fun.

Daddy had put these cardboard things in
the living room, so I really enjoyed playing
around them...

...and sitting under them.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Not a Normal Friday

Yesterday Daddy was home early, 
but we still went on our usual rounds.

I wasn't feeling very social, and went straight
to my favorite spot under the chair.

But wait...what's that in the foreground?

It seems somebody left me a note!

Nice Lady 2 said that she thought it might have been
Other Nice Lady 3.

Now, I've mentioned Nice Lady 3 before, but I
don't believe I've mentioned Other Nice Lady 3.
The thing is, she has the same markings as Nice Lady 3,
but she smells different.

It was really sweet of her to leave me a note!
Thank you, Other Nice Lady 3!

I felt really welcome under my chair and decided to stay there.

Besides, Daddy had joined Mom and I on our usual rounds...

...and that threw off my groove.
Nothing against Daddy, he's just not usually with
us at this time.
And a cat needs his routine.

Since Mom left the flap up on my chair,
I edged into a slightly more hidden position.

When Mom said it was time to go, I didn't quite believe her.
Then I realized she was all the way at the side door.
So I scuttled down the hall with a quick check back to see if 
Daddy was coming home too.

After a relaxing afternoon at home,
Nice Boy showed up and took both 
Mom and Daddy away!

I guess it was his birthday, so I'll forgive him.

I was lonely, though, so I put Mimzy in my food bowl.

When Mom and Daddy finally returned I got right
to work asking for a nighttime recon.

Mom got me all suited up to go outside,
then taunted me by not opening the door within
3 seconds.

"Come on, Mom!  I don't have patience!  I'm a cat!"

I enjoyed the brief recon we had, 
but there were still a lot of humans and dogs out.

Mom made me go inside right when I finally 
caught sight of Angel in the upstairs window.


I just had to curl up next to Mom on the couch
and hope she would change her mind about
a second nighttime recon.

Friday, September 26, 2014


Yesterday I woke up to find a whisker in my bed.

Now, I don't know about you, but that's no way to start a day.

To make matters worse, Mom was doing that 
getting ready to leave thing.
This is my face when I'm resigned to the fact that Mom
is leaving me once again.

Now, let's take a closer look, shall we?

That's right!
I have uneven whiskers!

Eventually Mom came home.
She greeted me warmly and opened up the great outdoors.

I couldn't wait!
I ran right to the side door to the Nice Ladies' office.

I haven't been to see them in days.
Mom said they wouldn't be there at this hour 
and didn't let me in.

So I went over to the tasty plant instead.

After awhile I tried for the office again...

...with the same result.

After that Mom and I went inside 
and did some movie making.
Mom said I did a good job.

I didn't mind so much, because it resulted
in a short nighttime walk.

When we were done I led Mom to my 
toy box to pick out a toy.

We had fun playing with strings for a bit.

Then we ran all over that house and played tag.
It was all fun and games until we collided.

I tried to run it off, but I had to admit that I was done.

The only thing left to do was nap,

 dream of nighttime recon,

and hope I don't wake up with fewer whiskers.