Thursday, July 30, 2015

Days Later...

So it's been awhile since I've blogged.
It seems the summer has changed Mom's behavior drastically.
She's been no help and all.
Let's face it, I need her to do the typing.
So, while she bustles around doing her random human activities,
I've been stuck in wait mode.

I don't really mind wait mode, but after awhile I get bored.

Really bored.
So I have to find ways to entertain myself.

That's when Mom finally takes notice and tries to 
remember where she put the camera.

I even have to entertain myself when we go outside.

There was ONE eventful day.
We all got into the car suddenly and drove across town.

It turns out that we were picking up Quiet Girl.

I've come to realize that she and Mom are actually communicating
with their hands instead of their voices.
Some cats prefer to use body language to communicate as well,
but not me.
I love being vocal about everything.

I guess, before I was born, Quiet Girl used to live
upstairs from Mom and Daddy.
So, as it turns out, she and Mom went up to visit
her old apartment while I stayed downstairs with Daddy.

Mom did holler down at me to say 'hi', but I ignored her.

I also made at least one visit to the Nice Ladies in the office.

Maintenance Guy 2 had left some roses for Mom
that day in appreciation of some bother that Mom had 
dealt with one morning.
The key word is 'morning'.
You see, Mom doesn't do mornings.
She, very sensibly, keeps cat hours.

It was very nice of him.
After all, I enjoyed the roses too.

I've also continued my neighborly relations with Felix.
I am a bit concerned, however, with his apparent 
obsession with my tail.

He also seems a bit needy.
I just try my best to tolerate it.

Mom says that I'm the needy one in that relationship.
I say, just because I sit outside staring at Felix's window
for hours until he finally shows up doesn't mean I'm needy.

It means I'm BORED, Mom!

Seriously bored.
I can't even begin to tell you how bored I've been lately.
Sooner or later the weather will get cold and Mom will
go back to normal.

Truthfully, I think it will be later than sooner.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hissy Fit

This week I've been a bit of a brat.
Well, that's normal I suppose.

I have been to visit the Nice Ladies in the office.
While there, I enjoyed the usual roll on the chair.

I almost got my head stuck at one point,
but then I remembered...I'm small.

So, later, I put my head through the rungs just for fun.
I was really cute, but I refused to let Mom catch a photo of it.

I also enjoy the chair at home.
Of course, this is me refusing to look at the camera
despite Mom's pleading:

I've spent quite a lot of time in my various boxes.
You know, the ones that reflect my mood.

I would often go right past 'rebellion' and 'ultimate rebellion'...

...landing in 'alternate rebellion'.
Of course, that just means that my rebellion is beyond adjectives.
Of course, there's no looking into the camera when one
is alternately rebelling. 

I've also been able to enjoy some time outside as per usual for the summer.

I like rolling around on the sidewalk near the clubhouse door.
I also like getting pets from Mom...
just NOT on that ticklish spot!

This is the only time I've allowed Mom to take pictures
of me while I'm being cute.

You may be wondering exactly what about my behavior
qualifies me as a brat.
Well, you see it here when Mom touches my ticklish
spot a second time.

That's right.
I hissed.
Maybe bit a little, but it was gentle.
Well, you may be saying that it was Mom's fault...
and you'd be right.
Except that I also hissed at Felix...
And whenever Mom tells me to go in the house....
Or when I steal the chair she's been sitting in....

 Truth be told, I've been hissing for a lot of reasons.
At least once a day.

I just hiss.
Is that so bad?
It's not like I'm biting and clawing.
At least not in a truly aggressive way.
Sure, Mom and Daddy have been calling me "Hissy McFits" lately.
So what?
Can I help it if I want my own way?
Mom's been talking to me about ways to put an end
to my bratty behavior.

At least I left my fur all over the clubhouse door.

If I can't get my way, at least I can make Mom clean up after me.


Monday, July 13, 2015

My Face When...

Lately Mom's been a lackadaisical when it comes to
taking pictures of me.
Mind you, I've kind of been enjoying the lack of 
camera in my face.
It also seems that the blog will be changing what time of 
day it's to be released.

Despite all the change, Mom has managed to capture
a few photos of me over the past few days.
Not always the photos I want taken, but photos
of adorable me none the less.

You see, this is my face when Mom tells me "no":

This is my face when I take one last glance in the 
forbidden direction for whatever reason:

This, of course it my face when I roll on the sidewalk
and glance hopefully at my neighbors' windows.

Which brings me to this face that I reserve for looking at my 
neighbor, Felix:

Of course my back is, therefore, turned to the camera.
I also turn my back to the camera when I just don't
want my picture taken.
It looks something like this:

On the other hand,
this is my face when it's bedtime
and I'm expecting the usual pets from Mom:

So, as the summer goes on,
my summer routine has continued.
I go outside as much as Mom and Daddy will allow.
I watch my neighbors' windows hoping for some
little bit of social interaction.

I watch for birds.

I search for the best bits of tasty plant.

Then, of course, I go back to watching for my neighbors.

I live for those moments when Felix shows
his face in the window.

Then we just hang out.
Felix still wonders why Mom
is always carrying that camera.

I tell him to just ignore the crazy human.

He says that he would,
but he's just too curious.

Oh, I should mention that it's not just my cute face
Mom takes pictures of.

These are my cute feet...

...when I'm eagerly expecting Felix or Coco to appear.

The sad bit of news, is that the heat wave has ended.
Well, that may not seem like sad news to you,
but it means that there's been thunderstorms.

I HATE thunder.
Not to mention rain.

So I've taken to remaining indoors when storms arrive.
Today there was a vicious storm that blew through.
So, when Mom asked if I wanted to go to the Nice Ladies' office
with her, I gave her this face:

Even though the storm hadn't hit yet, I could feel
it coming.

Although I pretended to be annoyed when she
gave me some affection,
the truth is that I liked it.

Of course, I couldn't tell her that.
So I just tried to act normal.

I gave her my 'go away, I'm busy cleaning
myself' face.

After all, I am by nature a discontented cat.
That's my stance and I'm sticking to it.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 4th and Other Parts of Summer

Lately I've just been whiling away my time.
My mind hasn't been on getting the blog done.
So, for that, I apologize.

I didn't track my daily routine, because there
simply was no routine to speak of.
So, we will call this 'The First Part'.

This is the part where I swatted a passing June bug right out of the air.
After all, it was the last day of June an it had to be brought down.
Once it had crash landed in the grass, I proceeded to
keep it grounded whilst making several attempts to eat it.

I must admit to finding the task quite difficult.
You see, June bugs have a rather hard exterior.
So, while I contemplated my next move,
the darn thing flew away.
I, however, only caught a glimpse of its departure.

So, being either unconvinced or unwilling to admit it had escaped me,
I took to hunting for it in the grass.

I was rather persistent.

Eventually I had to admit defeat.
After all, the summer still had other things to offer.

Which brings me to The Second Part.

This is the part in which I make every effort to 
make my presence known to my neighbors.
I spend as much time as possible sitting in the shade
of the clubhouse door.
From this vantage point, I can see my neighbors' windows.
(And Mom can see me.)
This is me getting in a good roll on the sidewalk in-between
glances at the windows:

So, when Coco appears in her window,
I do my best to greet her.

So you can understand the lay of the land,
here's a labeled photo:

And this is me getting as close as I can to Coco:

You may notice that this puts me directly in front of 
Felix's window.
So, inevitably, when I go to greet Coco,
Felix comes to greet me.

Felix and I have been getting to know each other quite well.

Coco merely peers down on us the best she can.

Each day, however, I become increasingly annoyed at
Felix's failed attempts to open his window.

So, if there has been any routine to my summer, it's this:

The time spent sitting in the shade waiting for the neighbors 
to make an appearance.

Along with the continued frustration that I
can't seem to get any closer to Coco.

The other part of my summer routine has been
a wonderful series of gorgeous sunsets.

In the midst of all these hot summer days,
there was ONE major event I should make note of.

So, I give you The Third Part.
This is the part in which we celebrate the 4th of July.
The annual human holiday in which we wait until sunset
before getting into the car for a short ride.

I get into my traveling bag and we walk to the same
spot we go to every year.
It's there that Mom and Daddy sit on a blanket with me
snuggled safely in-between them.

We stare at the butte in the middle of town and wait.

Eventually there's the loud bangs and the brightly colored
lights in the sky.

Despite the excitement of it all, what Mom and Daddy
seem to wait for every year is not the fireworks.
It's wondering if the butte is going to catch fire.
Which, every year, it does just that.

It never gets out of control.
I suppose all the humans are expecting it and so
take all the necessary precautions.

So, when the night's events come to a close,

we all get back into the car and drive home.

I enjoyed my night out so much that I was
in no hurry to get back inside the house.

Fortunately, it's been Mom's job to lock up the pool at night.
So I get to go out on the tether while she does her job.

All in all,
this has been a most agreeable summer.
So forgive me if I get behind on the blog.
Just remember that you can always visit my YouTubes or Google +.