Friday, October 31, 2014

Lovely Autumn Weather

Yesterday was pretty warm for an autumn day.
Just because it was nice outside, however,
didn't mean it was nice inside.

When we went to visit the Nice Ladies in the office,
Mom still didn't let me off the leash.

I heard the Nice Ladies talking about putting the forbidden
plant up on a table.  That way I might be free to roam again.

Since it was such a nice day, Mom actually spent
some good patio time with me.

I got a good chomp on the tasty plant.

I sat and just took in the day.

Then I chased a bug onto the neighbors' rocks
and got in trouble.

After that, Mom brought out my new hideaway.

Eventually, however, we had to go inside.

Unlike Wednesday, however, I didn't follow Mom around.
I hung out in the living room while she was in the dining room.

I think she missed me, because she tried to get me to join her.

I compromised by sitting on the opposite side of the table.

I could at least see the outdoors from there.

Eventually I got bored and began playing with 
the toy that Tornado Girl had given me
for my birthday.

I had a lot of fun with it.
I even carried it down the hallway.

After that I was bored again.
Mom seemed pleased that I had chosen
my new hideaway to sleep on.

Not that I really slept.
I was just to bored to do anything but lie there.

After awhile I joined Mom and Daddy in the living room.

I thought I would die of boredom.

Then Mom did the unthinkable.
She agreed to take me on a nighttime recon!

It was a fairly decent one.

All day I had heard a new upstairs neighbor moving in.
While I was out on my recon,
I finally got to smell the new car bumper.
Unfortunately, Mom wouldn't let me smell it 
for more than 5 minutes.
Not nearly enough time to gather all the scent information.

After all, this person has replaced my Upstairs Angel.
I must know more!

Mom didn't see it my way.

When we were done, I quickly asked for more.

At first I was a bit peeved that Mom wouldn't
take me for a second recon.

Then I had to give in.
It started raining.

What a stupid end to such a nice day!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Another New Person

Yesterday I woke up to realize it was no
longer my birthday.
So I stayed in bed.

Mom went on the usual rounds without me.
When she came home, she had Tornado Girl and 
another new teenager with her.

I went back to bed.

Tornado Girl tried to make me a belated birthday gift.
She tied a feather to a string.
I'm sure I'll enjoy it eventually, but when she 
offered it, I showed no interest.

She was so disappointed that she went into 
my Box of Rebellion.

I figured that if she was that committed to my happiness,
 I should take a new look at the situation.

I came out and climbed into my new hideaway.
Where I viewed them from a safe distance.

Then the girls moved into the living room.
So I moved out of it and wandered around
the dining room and kitchen to examine their scents.

They seemed content to stay in the living room.

So I decided to examine them directly.

"I don't love you...  I love this box."

Then Wednesday Guy came and took them all away.

Later, when Mom and Daddy came home,
I instantly began asking for a nighttime recon.

All I got was some tethered patio time.

I was O.K. with that.

  After I came inside,
Mom and Daddy began watching some show
on the computer.
They weren't on the couch, however,
so I had difficulty snuggling onto Mom's lap.

I ended up more in her arms than anything.

Ultimately, it wasn't very comfortable.

I tried to make the best of it by shoving my face
into the crook of her arm.

Eventually I had to accept the fact that it 
wasn't working very well.

So I got up and played in my toy box for a bit.

Then Mom stretched her legs out
onto another chair.

So I reclaimed my spot.

This time it was much more comfortable.
Still, the couch would be an improvement.
Or better yet, the recliner!

I guess I'll take what I can get.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

4th Birthday

Yesterday was my 4th birthday!
I thought I might stay in bed all day.

Mom, however, had different plans.
She got me ready to go visit the Nice Ladies in the office.
I hissed.  Then I growled.  Then I hissed some more.
I was still mad from Monday.

Still, we went.
On the way to get the mail, we saw Nice Lady 3.
She wished me a happy birthday.

When we got into the office, Mom wouldn't let me 
off the leash.
She said it was because I had tried to eat the 
forbidden plant twice.

So I stayed in her lap while we visited with 
Nice Ladies 1 and 2.

When we went home,
Mom let me chomp on the tasty plant.

Then I enjoyed some good patio time.

It was turning out to be a pretty good day.

Then it started to rain.

RAIN.  On MY birthday!
Well, at least it wasn't snow.
Last year on my birthday there were bits of snow.

You can read about last year's birthday here:

So Mom and I went inside.
Before I knew it, Daddy came home for a break.
That's when Mom and Daddy brought out my present!

At first I was like,
"What the heck is this, Mom?"

Then she put it all together and I began to understand.

I investigated the new thing.

I checked it inside and out.

Then I decided I liked my birthday present.

Mom even let me sit out on the patio with it.

That kept my butt off the cold ground!

When she brought it back inside,
I discovered a design flaw.
When I went to use the scratching post,
the whole thing tipped over!

So Mom took that part off and let me play with 
it separately.  That worked.

She also gave me wet food.
Which I ignored until it had sat out long enough.

Then Mom put my new thing in the dining room.

She thought I wouldn't really care for
the toys dangling from the sides of it,
but I found them amusing.

After awhile I settled down onto Mom's lap.

Daddy was home, Computer Aunt was hanging out,
things were nice and normal.

There was just one thing missing from my birthday.

Fortunately Mom knew what it was.

You guessed it!
Nighttime recon!

It was the quickest recon ever.
The ground was wet, so I hurried from one
side of the house to the other.

I thought the weather had ruined all my hope
of enjoying the night.

Then Mom and Daddy surprised me with a nighttime
car ride!

Mom even sat in the backseat with me.

I loved it!

All in all,

this birthday turned out pretty darn good!


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pent-up and Pouting

Sunday I thought about getting up when Mom and Daddy did,
but that's as far as I got.

I was in my bed when Mom and Daddy left.
I was in my bed when they got home.

I thought I could fool them into thinking
that I had been in bed the entire time.
Somehow they wouldn't believe me.

They said something about Mimz being in the
bedroom when they left and in the living room when they got home.

Darn you Mimzy!

After such a lazy Caturday, I became restless on Sunday.

I meowed and meowed.
I ran around.
I still didn't get to go outside.

I sat next to Mom and Daddy on the couch while
they watched some show on the computer.

Eventually they noticed that I was watching too.
When a boring ad came on, I turned away.
So Mom decided to put a video on I would like.

That got my attention!
I went in for a closer look.


Monday was similar.
I was so restless!

Mom was late going on our usual rounds.

When we went out there,
the Nice Ladies were already in their cars about to leave.

Nice Lady 2 waved as she pulled away.
Nice Lady 1 was still in her parking space,
so she rolled down the window and greeted me.
I was nervous, however, because her car was running.

So our time out of the house was brief.
TOO brief!

I began to complain.
Then I began to run around.

Then I complained some more.
So Mom moved my Box Hotel into the dining room.

I appreciated it.

Then I continued my cycle.

Which went like this:

Complain with lots of loud meowing.

Run amok.



Mom was hanging out with Computer Aunt 
instead of paying attention to me.

So I put Mimzy in my food bowl again.

After Daddy had been home awhile,
I snuggled onto Mom's lap.

I stayed there and pouted.
Even when she tried to 'un-recline' the recliner.

"45° angle ain't got nothin' on me!"

I had to get up.
It turns out that a human can't get up if a 
cat's on their lap UNLESS they have to use 
the restroom.

So I returned to my routine.
Complain.  Romp.  Pout.

Eventually I ended up back in Mom's lap.

Mom kept saying, 
"Don't worry.  Tomorrow will be better.
Tomorrow's your birthday!  You'll get anything you want!"


Because Monday stunk big time!