Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Time Well Spent

Yesterday my visit to the Nice Ladies' office
was less than ideal.
I just wasn't feeling very social.

Once Mom and I returned home, however,
my anti-social feelings began to fade away.
This guy that I usually meet in the Nice Ladies' office
came for a visit on my patio.

I was quite comfortable with the situation,
so I surveyed my domain.
(I'm quite small in this photo.)

It was a wonderfully nice warm day!

Mom and the neighbor guy decided to 
listen to some music on the record player.
Record player?
I had no idea what that was,
but I sure was fascinated by the way it moved.

After awhile our guest left.

So I began to amuse myself by stalking birds.

I hear that a bird in the paw is worth two
in the bush.

If only I had one in the paw to trade.

 After awhile a strange thing happened.
Mom wanted to stay outside...
...and I didn't.
I went indoors, curled up on my favorite spot,
and watched Mom through the window.

So she brought my spot outside with me on board.

I gave in to being outside for a little while.

Then I returned to the indoors.
So Mom put my house back inside
and I resumed my previous position until Daddy came home.
Then, with both Mom and Daddy outside,
I was made to join them.
This time Mom put my house in a different spot
and I chose to be in it instead of on it.

Finally, after the sun went down and took the
warm temperatures with it,
we all went indoors.

Other Aunt came over for the usual Monday visit.
So, while the humans were socializing,
I went to get a nice long drink out of the fish tank.

After the house was quiet once again,
I curled up on Mom's lap for a good nap.

Nothing more to do with my day except
to dream about the good stuff.


Monday, April 27, 2015

Well Trained Cat

Saturday I, once again, found myself
strapped into my car seat.

It was a windy day, so I was glad to be
viewing the outdoors from the shelter of the car.

We went on all the usual Caturday errands.

Once we returned home, I found myself
wanting to stay out; exploring.

Mom made me go back to the house.

Fortunately she let me go right back
outside onto the patio.

Eventually Auntie and Uncle came to visit,
so I enjoyed a nice nap on Auntie's lap.

Sunday was different.

When early evening came, Mom and I
went out to enjoy the patio.
Then something new happened.
Mom let me go on a short walk around the building
to our front door.
Much like our nighttime walks, I kept right next to
Mom and obeyed her commands.
The only difference was...
no leash.
I couldn't believe it!
The neighbors were impressed.
Mom said I was a very good boy,
but I shouldn't get my hopes up.
Longer walks and ALL nighttime walks
will remain with the leash for safety.
Still, it was an impressive moment in my training.
Even when I started walking a little too fast,
all she would have to say is, "behave" and I would 
slow my pace to match hers.
Come on, you can say it.
You didn't think a cat was capable of such things.

Auntie and Uncle came for another visit.
So I sat inside and pined for a nighttime walk.

I didn't care if it meant the leash,
I just wanted to go.

Mom says this week is supposed to be warmer,
so we'll go on a nighttime recon soon.
After all, I was a very good boy.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring Flowers

Yesterday when we went to visit the Nice Ladies' office,
I went under my chair and meowed at people.

Then I waited by the door to go home.

When I finally got to enjoy my patio time,
I went to investigate the growth of the tasty plant.

After observing no significant change in the plant,
I sought out a nice spot on the sidewalk for a good roll.

Then I longingly watched the birds.

Since Mom wouldn't let me run after the birds,
I went to investigate another new addition to my territory.

It seems that they added some nice plants.

So naturally I had to stop and smell the flowers.

They're not the sort of plants I would eat,
but I must say that they are a nice addition.

Unfortunately, it began to rain,
so I retreated to the shelter of my patio.

Mom was kind enough to bring out my
hide-away so I could keep my paws off
of the cold concrete while simultaneously 
sitting near her.

It was very thoughtful of her.

She even let me stay outside long enough to watch 
the sunset after it stopped raining.

Eventually Mom and I opted for the warmth of
the indoors.
We sat at the table and did stuff on the computer 
for quite some time.

After awhile I took a water break.

Mom didn't seem to mind too much,
she just told me to be careful not to get bit
by the fish.

Eventually boredom set in and I began pining
for the outdoors again.

Mom tried to get me interested in play,

but I didn't want to be filmed.
So I retreated to my hiding spot in the living room.

I was, however, still bored.
So I took the risk of being filmed and played.

I managed to entertain myself...

...until I realized that the camera was indeed filming me.

That's when I resumed pouting.

Doesn't Mom realized how long it's been since
I got to go on a nighttime recon?


I want to thank all the people who faithfully read my blog
and take the time to share it with others.
You don't know how much it means to me.

Friday, April 24, 2015


Thursday the yard monsters were out.
When things finally quieted down and
I was able to go outside, I saw what they had done.

All the dead dry bits from my tasty plant had been cut away.
Unfortunately, some of the few green bits that were in easy
reach had also been cut away.
I managed to reach one somewhat tasty piece.

Then I went back to my patio and ate a bit of 
the plant that grows closer to home.

It wasn't long, however, before I returned to scrounge 
for the remaining juicy bits of my favorite tasty plant.

I guess I'll just have to wait for springtime to have
its full effect on the plant.
I'm not really a very patient cat, though.

So, reluctantly, I returned to my patio.
After all, not only had the tasty plant been shorn away,
but the weather was a bit cold and windy.

I did try to make the most of my time outdoors
despite the unpleasantries.

When I finally gave up, Mom was kind enough
to spend some time with me indoors.
To my dismay, however, she did not let me
return to the outdoors once night fell.
So I retreated to my Alternate Box of Rebellion
for a good sulk.

It may look like I'm just napping up there,
but the fact that my ears are back should tell you
that I was indeed sulking.

I tried my best to ignore Mom and Daddy.
Even when they called sweetly to me.

It wasn't until later that I finally gave in and 
snuggled next to Mom on the couch.

The best I can do is dream about the coming summer.