Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wind and Lightning

Yesterday Mom went on the mail/office run without me.
Which is fine, because I didn't want to get out of bed.

When I did get up she wasn't back yet,
so I napped on the dining room chair.

This is the expression she got from me upon her return:

Fortunately she was smart enough to let me go out and enjoy the patio.

It was hot and cloudy.
I had been out there for quite awhile when a sudden gust 
of wind startled me!
I ran into the house without thinking.
It's a good thing I did, too!
Not two seconds after I made it into the house there was a loud
The upstair neighbors' wind chime blew off their balcony 
and hit right where I had been sitting!
There were sea shells everywhere!

I rebounded quickly.
I wanted to go back outside.
The wind got me all excited and hyper.

Then, on the horizon, the storm hit.

It left us alone, except for the wind.
No rain, no thunder.
(We all know how I feel about thunder!)

Still Mom made me come in, but she kept going in and out. 
So I kept sneaking out with her.
Then Daddy showed up and took Mom away.
I had forgotten it was Wednesday.

Hours later Daddy brought her home again.
The first thing I did when she walked in the door 
was beg for a nighttime walk.

That didn't go over very well.

She decided I was too bored for my own good 
and brought out my tunnel.

Yeah, not what I wanted, Mom.
She wanted to eat dinner and do stupid boring human things.

So I just pouted on the back of the couch until she gave me what I wanted.
Do I have to spell it out?


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Peaceful Patio

Yesterday began nice enough.
When Mom and I visited the Nice Ladies in the office,
I enjoyed the chair very much.

Aww, yeah!

Of course, this really means:

"Mom! Take off my harness!"

Then the sky went dark.
I didn't mind.
Then I heard thunder.
And I was like, "Ummm, Mom? Can I go home now?"

She let me go!
I couldn't cover the ground between the office and
home fast enough!

(While keeping a low profile of course.)

Once I was home, however, there was no more thunder.

So eventually I relaxed on the patio.

Mom let me wander over to the tasty plant.

Mmm...tasty plant.

After a good nip I cleaned up.

Once I got inside, however, I was bored stiff!

Daddy came home early again!
So I got a little more patio time during sunset.

Yeah, it sure was pleasant.

I even got away with going out to the sidewalk...

...where I could see if Upstairs Calico was in the window.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lonely Day/ Social Day

The last couple of days did not go my way.
They weren't horrible, they just weren't acceptable.

Sunday started off like this:

Yeah, it was a 'Mimzy in the food bowl' kind of day.
I was left home alone most of the day.

That quiet girl that talks with her hands came and stayed the night.

When morning came she and Mom sat and 'talked' for awhile.
Then Nice Boy's Dad came over.
I began to think that I haven't seen Nice Boy in awhile.
It was weird to see his dad without him.

Then, Nice Boy's Dad took the Quiet Girl away.
Mom and I were alone again.

So we made our usual rounds earlier in the day than usual.
I didn't feel like hanging out in the Nice Ladies' office.

When I went home, I curled up on the window sill 
in the dining room.

I remained there for quite some time.

I was bored.

Then, to my surprise, Nice Boy came over!
And then Monday Uncle...then Monday Aunt.
 Daddy came home early!

The humans were all being very social.
Even Computer Aunt was hanging around.

After awhile, Nice Boy left and Sarcastic Monday showed up!

Ah, Mondays.

Of course, I wanted attention.
So I kept asking for it.
Because a brief acknowledgement is NOT attention.

I also asked for a nighttime walk.

I didn't get it.
So I curled up on the back of the couch and pouted.

I tried to sleep.

But I just couldn't relax.

Then it happened!

Nighttime walk!

Now, Mom seems to think that nighttime walks
are all about walking.

What she needs to realize it that it's really all about the smells!
I don't like to be rushed.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Caturday Night

Yesterday was warm,
so I was eager to have some time on the patio.

I guess Upstairs Kitty had the same idea.

"Hey, Downstairs Cat!"

"Hey, Upstairs Kitty?"

Mom and Daddy left me for awhile.
Then they stayed home for awhile.

...we all left.

We went to that place that Mom goes to with the Teenagers.

Sure enough, there they were.


I wasn't sure what was going to happen,
but the view sure was nice.

I finally met New Wednesday Guy.
You know, the one that takes Mom away.

I guess he's alright.

There were a lot of unnerving sounds at first.
Bikes, a scooter, cars coming and going...

Eventually, however, the Teenagers began to settle down.
Well, as much as teenagers do.

But they were mostly the same teenagers that come to my house.
So I was pretty used to them.

It turns out we were all watching a movie outside.
At first I couldn't sit still and made Daddy 
walk me around for a bit.

Then he brought me back to Mom and she made me sit still.

It wasn't long before I settled in to watch the movie.
I voiced a few comments.

Everyone really liked my comment about the 
snow leopard in the movie!

What can I say?
I heard the word 'cat' in the movie and ran with it.
I'm a comic genius!

Then it was time to go home.

 What a great Caturday Night on the town!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Perfect Weather to Test Boundaries

Yesterday the weather was perfect!
78°F/25°C with a slight cool breeze.
Not a cloud in the sky.

All there was for me to concern myself with was testing my boundaries.

I got as close as I could to the neighbors rocks.

Then Mom made me come back to the patio.
You can see my enthusiasm:

Now, take special note of Mom's camera angle.
You may deduce that she is sitting in MY favorite red chair.

So I 'crept up on some birds'.
At least that was the excuse I used.

I checked to see if Mom was watching:

She was.

When she came to get me I ran back to the patio 
and stole the red chair.

Before long I tested my boundaries again
only to have Mom stop me right away.

This time I retreated all the way into the house and 
sat on the back of the couch.

I was, of course, so cute that
 she took pity on me and invited me out to the sidewalk.

After a good roll, I checked for the upstairs cat:


So I ventured over to the door that leads to the office.

Hmm, no cat door.
Then, to my surprise, Mom invited me to walk down 
the sidewalk with her.

I, of course, didn't stay on the sidewalk.
I followed the neighbors rocks, stopping 
to look longingly at the forbidden yard.

We went all the way to the second neighbor's house.
I still wanted to climb on the rocks.

It was, however, at this point that I realized how
far away home was:

I went running back!
All the way inside my house.

Then I got interested in a leaf rustling on the grass outside.

I got ready to pounce...

...and sat down.

Until I saw that bird again and went for it!

Mom stopped me again and offered a substitute:
my feather toy.

After a bit of play,
she let me have the red chair:

I accepted.

I is mine after all.

That's right, I deserve a reward for sitting in this chair.

After all, I wasn't 'chasing birds' anymore.

Eventually, of course, she made me go inside.

I remained King of the Couch until I realized 
Mom was leaving me for a few hours.
In which case I batted her ankles with my 
soft paws every time she walked by me.

Where are YOUR boundaries, Mom?
How do I enforce those?
Why do YOU get to leave the house and go 
wherever you want?

So unfair!