Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Human Interference

The past couple of days have been hot.
Still, it hasn't stopped me from enjoying a lot of 
time out on the sidewalk.
With Mom always nearby and neighbors walking by 
frequently to use the pool, I have but one goal:

To catch sight of a cat in the neighbors' windows.

You may remember my next door neighbor, Felix, the Russian Blue.

As it turns out, the people that live above Felix recently
adopted a new kitten into their home.
A Tuxedo like myself.
Her name is Cocoa...well, in all honesty, I don't know how to spell her name.
(And let's face it, the possible spellings are numerous.)

Well, in-between neighbor cat sightings,
I did my best to enjoy the sidewalk.

There was just one problem.
You see, I happen to be incredibly cute
and photogenic.
So, when Sneaky Girl came to visit,
she couldn't resist taking pictures of me.

AND, you may notice, that Mom was also taking pictures.

I mean, seriously, can't a cat just be king of the sidewalk
without all the human interference?

At least with the warm weather, Mom and Daddy
are spending time outside after sunset.
Of course, that's when Mom insists on adding the harness
and tether.  Something about me being less trustworthy after dark.

O.K., so that outdoor neighborhood cat came into my territory
and I would've run after him if I hadn't been tethered.
I didn't even get close enough to ask him what he wanted.
My humans wouldn't allow it.
Darn human interference...AGAIN!

No matter.
I just went back to looking up at the neighbors' windows.

Of course, I also went to the very end of my tether
and watched for the intruder to return.
He didn't.

Then, yesterday, I went outside to find that my 
tasty plant had been cut.
Well, I know who did that!
They just keep interfering with my world.

Still, there IS this nice sidewalk to roll on.

Even if I have to keep rolling my back to the camera.

Also, there's the occasional neighbor cat sighting.

So I guess I can't complain about human interference too much.
Even though I still have a camera in my face way more than I'd like.

I guess that's the curse of being so adorable.

The least I can do is look annoyed for the camera.

Or maybe make it obvious that I'm trying to ignore it.

Maybe I should just be content that I have a good home
with humans that really care about me.

Me? Content?
Yeah, that's not going to happen.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Vet's Office? No Problem!

Yesterday, just when I thought everything was normal,
Sneaky Girl showed up.
She usually makes an appearance at night,
so this daytime appearance made me wonder.
You see, when she shows up during the day,
she takes Mom places.
I don't know where, just...places.
So I was extra surprised when Mom picked up my car harness.
It seems, this time, I would be taken someplace.
I was a bit uneasy being in a strange car.

I had this terrible sense of foreboding.

It seems my anxiety was justified.
We weren't in the hot car for very long.
We stopped in the nice air-conditioned vet's office.
That's right.
I found myself at the vet.

I actually didn't mind it as much as being
in an unfamiliar car on a hot day.
Well, I can't say I liked having a thermometer
shoved up my bum.

I took to exploring my options.
It wasn't long before I found a bag of cat treats.
I, being an extra finicky cat, wasn't actually interested
in the treats.
I just wanted to crawl into the shelf space behind them.

Mom told me that wasn't allowed.
So I checked the drawers underneath the exam table.


Well, as it turns out, I got the really nice vet lady.
She gave me a sparkling clean bill of health...
and a shot.
In her defense, I barely noticed when she gave me the shot.
She had an excellent bedside manner.
She even remembered the name of the cat that lived with
Mom and Daddy before me.

When it came time to leave, Mom actually had to 
coax me out of the vet's office.

Once I saw the car, however, I knew it was time to go home.
So I hopped right in.

Yeah, that's right.
I'm that amazing!
Perfect health report.
Well behaved.
I got this down!
The car ride home was a breeze.

When we got there, we went right into the Nice Ladies' office.
I didn't even try for the door that lead home.
Well, until I saw Mom heading that way.
I guess she was just closing it, though.
She promptly told me to stay.
And you know what?
I stayed.
There was a lady visiting the office at the time.
When she saw how well behaved I was, she was shocked.
Mom was so proud.

When we finally left the office, I quickly checked to 
see if my neighbor, Felix, was in his window.

It took him awhile to show up,
but eventually he did.

After telling him about my glowing health report,
I got out of the heat and settled down in the dining room.

Sure, my bum's a bit sore, but I realize just how good I have it.

Nothing left to do but curl up on Mom's lap and soak up
all the 'good boy' praises she doles out.

Of course, if anyone even thinks of touching my bum
I'm going to give them a good loud hiss!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Conversations With Felix

Yesterday I took my sweet time waking up.

It looked like it was going to be another gorgeous day.

When I finally got around to getting out of bed,
I went outside to enjoy the nice weather.
Tornado Girl was visiting per usual Wednesday.
I think I'm finally getting used to her.

Felix made an appearance in his window,
so I went over to discuss the terms of our
neighborship....if there is such a word.

After he explained his boundaries to me,
I returned to my patio to explain mine.

I waited for him to come and see them...

...but he seemed content to stay behind his window screen.

So I moved to a spot directly underneath MY window
so he could plainly see were my territory was.

Then, I promptly returned to my patio and waited.
For a minute there I thought he might be coming to visit...

...but it was just some stray human passing by.

Eventually Daddy came home and took Mom and Tornado Girl
away per usual Wednesday.

While I was home alone, I decided to play with Mimzy.
I did not, however, put her in my food bowl.
Instead, I left her in the bathroom.

Later, after my humans had settled in for the night,
I decided it was still up to me to entertain myself.

I've been enjoying the box that Daddy recently
brought home for me from Boxco.

It has some nice holes to push toys through.

I was having a great time...

...until I remembered that Mom had the camera.

All in all, not a bad day.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Content or Discontent

Lately I've been spending a lot of time enjoying
the outdoors with Mom and Daddy.
My days have rolled together, one after another,
into a beautiful summertime experience.
With little change from day to day,
there hasn't been much to write about.
Well, except that it's been a cat's life for me.

Caturday, however, did yield an adventure.

I got to go out and about with my humans.

Sunday, however, I was not able to go with them.
So, finding myself home alone, I put Yoda-Mouse
in my food bowl for company.

Then, after days of contentedly spending time outdoors, it returned.
What is 'it' you ask?
My own sense of discontent.
I was no longer content with the hours of outside time I was getting.
I wanted more.

I want the door to stay open day and night.
I want to be able to go out when I want and come in when I want.
AND I want the security of Mom watching me closely
every moment of every day.

For some reason, she won't go for it.
So yesterday I lounged on the patio chair.

I wandered onto the sidewalk.

I rolled around.

I watched the sky for birds.

I watched the neighbor's window for Felix.

I chomped on the fully green tasty plant.

I visited Felix when he finally appeared.

And when Mom said it was time to go indoors,
I moped.

I am, after all, a discontented cat.


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