Saturday, January 10, 2015

Not a Bad Day

Yesterday Mom and I had a good
visit to the Nice Ladies' office.

We met our new human neighbor.
They say I get a new neighbor too.
A Russian Blue named Felix.
I can't wait to stare at him through the window.

After the new neighbor left the office,
I went to the couch and took in the new scents.

When Mom and I came home,
I claimed the TARDIS blanket for the
rest of the day.

After Daddy came home, he started play Skyrim.
He wanted me to sit with him, so he put the 
TARDIS blanket in his lap.

Eventually this did not work in his favor.

"What do you mean I'm making it difficult 
for you to play?"

Of course, sooner or later I was just
as uncomfortable as Daddy, so I got up.

Not a bad day.