Friday, January 31, 2014

Here Be Monsters

Today was a seemingly beautiful day.
A bit chilly, but still nice.

That is, until the monsters started to emerge.

I mean, what is that

Mom calls it a 'leaf blower'.
I call it 'MONSTER'.

It made such a terrible noise that I had to run down
the hallway and wait from a safe distance!

'Just tell me when it's safe to go back
into my room, Mom!'

When Mom and I went into the office
to visit with Nice Lady 2, I thought things
might be O.K.

But I slowly became aware of another monster.
It looked small as monsters go, 
but it didn't sound very safe to me!

'Get me out of here, Mom!'

Back at home, Mom brought out yet another monster!
This one emerges more frequently.

Every time it makes its dreadful appearance,
I have to run down the hallway to get away!

I don't care what you think...
it makes a loud noise!

Therefore I label it: Monster.

The rest of the day was fairly normal.
I just stayed in whatever room Mom was in
and waited patiently...

...maybe impatiently.

Until I finally got what I wanted when she
sat down to do my blog!

Mom's lap, blanket...

...and dreams of slaying monsters.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Exploring My Options

Today I continued my distaste for hanging out 
in the office.

There was so much human activity.

Mom kept me close to her at the table
while the Nice Ladies visited with other humans.

I explored other possible exits.

I also tried to 'help' Mom and the
Nice Ladies with the puzzle they
were working on.

Mom said that I was less than helpful.

Once we left the office for home, I was reluctant to go indoors...

...until that noisy car drove by!

Later in the evening Mom and I hung out with 
Computer Aunt.

However, I wanted a better view... I moved in closer.

So, um, how do I get into her house from here?

Of course I got bored eventually and
curled up on Mom's lap for a brief nap.

Since I'm so cute, I'll give you a bonus picture:

Now Daddy's home, so I'll try getting his attention.

Maybe, once Mom hits that 'publish' button on the blog,
I'll run all over the house.

Mom's Way

Today Mom tried to convince me to go
with her to get the mail, but I rebelled.

She got her way in the end.
As it turns out, I enjoyed being outside.
Mom didn't.
She complained about 'wind chill'...whatever that is.

I didn't want to go back inside.

Of course, Mom got her way there too.

This is what I have to do every time I get
free from my harness.
It just rubs my fur the wrong way.

Of course, it was Wednesday,
so Wednesday Guy came and took Mom away.

When Mom and Daddy came home,
they saw evidence that I had been lonely:

Yep, I put Mimz in the food bowl.

I enjoyed Mom's lap for awhile.

Then Auntie and Uncle came over.
I got ahead of myself and did this:

...before Mom finished the blog.

However, it put her behind schedule.

Now I'm settled, waiting for her to finish the blog
and move the computer so I can have the entire lap.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What's With Mom?

Today Mom spent a lot of time hanging out in the office
with the Nice Ladies.

We even made two trips.
Once she let me go home for awhile...

...but later she grabbed the blanket and we went back.

She would let me wander around,
but after much meowing, she would bring me back
to the blanket.

She even tried to take me home a second time,
but I just looked through the window and meowed at her.
I didn't want to be alone either!

I think it's because Mom's feeling a bit sad today.
She's been constantly talking to one human or another
all day long.
Either in person, on the phone, or on the computer.

I'll just try my best to stay near her and look cute.

She seems to like that better than a lot of meowing.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Woes

Today I was woken up by a new monster.

I don't know what an 'air compressor' is, but I don't like it.
Now I ask you, who power washes the pavement in January?
And's below freezing outside.

My day was thrown off.
After the usual walk to the mailbox...

and the visit with the Nice Ladies,
I couldn't wait to leave.

But there were so many doors between me and 
the comfort of home.




Home at last!

Uncle came over later.
I snuggled on his lap for awhile.

Later I was moved to Mom's lap.

Sarcastic Monday came over and I was moved to 
the footstool because Mom went into the kitchen.

I retained my possession of the blanket through
all my moves.

At least my humans are trained.
Now if I could just figure out how to train 
the humans outside.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Armchair In Black and White

Today I didn't do much at all.
What I did end up doing was enjoying a bit of time
on Mom's lap while in the armchair.

At some point Auntie and Uncle arrived.
Shortly afterward, Mom picked me up, (with the blanket), and stood up.
Auntie then took Mom's seat and 
Mom placed me, (with the blanket), on Auntie's lap.

I was fine with this.

After a brief rest on Auntie's lap, she then, picked me up,
(with the blanket) and set me, (and the blanket) back down
on the chair.

This is where I remained while the humans left the house.
I'm not sure how long they were gone.

Of course, the humans returned and I remained
comfortable in my armchair.

I may have gotten off the chair for a bit, but only a bit.
I was in the chair when Mom once again picked me up,
(with the blanket of course) and proceeded to sit in the chair...
returning me to my rightful spot on her lap.

At first I wasn't happy about being moved once again.

However, she began to rub my head and neck.

Uncle, also, gave me a quick scratch as he passed by.

I then deemed the new arrangement acceptable.

Of course, it's actually the original arrangement.

I believe I have thoroughly domesticated my humans.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Caturday Ups and Downs

Today was not a lazy day.

Mom put my car harness on me.
Look how enthusiastic I am.

We drove somewhere, then Mom and Daddy
ate in the car and let me wander around.

After that, we went to the pet store.

Mom and Daddy picked out some food for me.
Then we looked at the fish.

But there were too many people around,
so I couldn't relax.

Then we got back into the car and drove
to the other pet store.
I curled up inside a kitty house.


I did NOT want to come out.

Mom pulled me out, so I found some other
things to climb on.

I wanted to climb onto the ones in the back,
but Mom wouldn't let me. 

I settled onto a good vantage point.


Then I developed a major attitude problem.
So Mom and Daddy made me come down.

We went into the fish area to calm down.

It worked...except for that weird thing...

Whatever it was, I wasn't expecting it to be there.

We got back into the car and went into a human store.
I stayed in my Traveling Bag the entire time.

Then it was the final trip in the car for the day.

I love nighttime car rides!

When we got home, Mom, Daddy and I
had a little disagreement over which direction to go.

I wanted to go on a nighttime walk,
but they won that battle too.

I guess I'll go inside...

...and head straight for the back door.

Fortunately Mom let me outside!

I stayed out as far as my tether would let me.

But it got cold out there.

When I came in, Mom played with me!

I like to 'cheat' by not going through the tunnel.

I had so much fun...

I was full of energy!

Of course, it's all fun and games until
someone gets hit in the face with a squeaky mouse!

I didn't feel much like playing after that.
I went to comfort myself with food,
but I couldn't even approach that comfortably.

Maybe it's best if I just sit for awhile.

We will meet again squeaky mouse...oh yes, we will meet again.