Saturday, May 31, 2014

Still Waiting for Summer

Yesterday they said it would be warmer
than the previous days. was.
But not enough to make up for the cloudy windy
disappointment that actually happened.

Still, I was reluctant to come home from 
visiting Nice Lady 2 in the office.
This is me doing my best to ignore the
fact that Mom is calling me:

Then Mom snapped this embarrassing photo of me
right as I yawned and started to walk towards her.

I mean, seriously, what's with that look on my face?
I look like some other cat.

As evening came, the Teenagers came over.
I hadn't seen them in a long time.
I tolerated their presence.

There was an amazing sunset...

...but I opted for retreating to my room with Daddy.

After the house was quiet again,
I curled up on my blanket on the back of the recliner.
Daddy thought I'd be more comfortable actually
on the seat of the recliner.
So he moved me, blanket and all.

I must say, he was right.

I hope the weather's better for Caturday.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Boredom Is Setting In

Yesterday was not what I had hoped for.

When Mom and I went to visit the Nice Ladies,
I tried to leave.
I walked right out the doors and went home.
Unfortunately the door home was closed and Mom was right
there to stop me and bring me back into the office.

So I went under the couch and watched humans come 
and go through the very door I had been denied.

Of course, curiosity got the best of me and I came out
and wandered around.

When we did finally go home,
there was a decent bit of outside time.
Then Mom went to the pool again.

Fortunately, it wasn't too long before Daddy came
home and sat outside with me.

Then Monday Aunt and Uncle came over.
(On a Thursday...again)
So I was bored while the humans did their thing.

I tried to entertain myself, but that only worked
for so long before I got bored again.

Eventually the house returned to normal,
but Mom failed to take me on a nighttime walk.

I was so bored.

I hope today has more to offer.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Yesterday the swimming pool opened.
And, yes, it was rainy.

You may wonder how this effects my world.
Well, much like me and my nighttime walks,
Mom doesn't let the weather stop her from swimming.
So she leaves me.
For hours.

However, that isn't the worst thing happening in my world.

I got tired of my food.
So Mom made an attempt to give me something different.
Those of you who take care of cats know:
This usually ends in total failure.

And so it has happened.
When Mom approached my food bowl,
I stood up on my hind legs, gave her my most pathetic look,
and meowed desperately for her to give me something better.

She felt terrible.
She tried giving me wet food,
but I declined that as well.
She tried giving me treats,
but I don't like treats and she knows it.

So all that was left was the usual trip to the mail box.
The Nice Ladies in the office weren't quite as busy this time.

Mom let me enjoy a bit of outside time before she left me for the pool.

Shortly after she came home, Daddy came and took her away.

So, while she was gone, I took a nap with Daddy.

While he was gone fetching Mom,
I put Mimzy in my food bowl...

...still horribly dissatisfied with my food situation.

While Mom and Daddy played video games,
I tried to snuggle onto Mom's lap...

She wasn't sitting in the recliner, so it was
nearly impossible to find a good spot.

I ended up forcing myself onto a little 
space on the stool next to her feet.

After a day like that, I feel like moping.
Does anybody want to join me?
It's always better to mope in groups.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lousy May Weather

Yesterday I looked out the window to 
discover that the nice weather had gone away.

It was cold and windy.
Two of my least favorite weather conditions.

Mom and I went to visit the Nice Ladies earlier than usual.

They were really busy, so I just hung out with Mom.

When I got home, I curled up in my
Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

There would be no enjoying the patio today.

I couldn't stand it!
All day without outside time?!

Once it got dark I began to vocalize my discontent.

I wanted a nighttime walk!

Mom, however, wasn't giving in.

Hours passed and all I could think about 
was going outside.


Yes.  Soon it will be summer and I will have my way!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Sunday was a perfectly lazy day.

Sure, I spent some time in my Ultimate Box of Rebellion...

...but I spent a nice amount of time outside.

I found a new nook from which to watch the world by.

Auntie came and visited for awhile out on the patio.

Eventually Mom put the tether on me and I wandered over to the sidewalk.

All in all, a perfectly lazy Sunday!

Then night came.
That's when I found the Invaders.

I called to Mom, desperate to have her come
fix the dreadful situation.


A vicious swarm of ants had taken over my food bowl!
After a lot of fuss, Mom had finally fixed the horrible situation.

Once in awhile we still find a few scouts,

but Mom kills them promptly.
So now my food is in a different spot.
I hope the ants don't find it again.

Then Monday came.
I once again enjoyed some time outside.

And took a good nap in my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

Then Mom and I sat out on the patio to await the arrival 
of the Monday People.

Monday Aunt and Uncle were the first to arrive.
Then it was Auntie and Uncle; but something was wrong.
Auntie was holding something new in her arms.

A Valley Bulldog puppy named Holly.

Mom even dared to pet the dog.
She let me smell it on her hands.

Sarcastic Monday arrived shortly after the dog.

Then, while I watched from a safe distance,
 all MY humans oohed and aahed over the puppy.

Well, except Mom, who frequently made sure I was O.K.
And Daddy who's very allergic to dogs, so he avoided it altogether.

They kept her in one place in the dining room.
At least they respected my space that much.
Eventually I got brave enough to go look at her up close.
Then I ignored her.

Once everyone had left and all was quiet again,
Mom consoled me by offering me some condensation.

Ants in my food, dog in my house!
I hope today doesn't bring any new invaders!
I've had about all I can take!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Reluctant Beginning to a Great Day

Yesterday  I greeted the day with little enthusiasm.

Despite my best efforts to remain under the bed,
Mom made me come out.

I must say, I enjoyed going out to the tasty plant.

Then, I retreated to my place under the bed.

I stayed there for quite some time before Mom,
once again, made me come out.

O.K., I have to admit, it was a pretty amazing day.
Mom and Daddy were both home.
The sun was shining.
No harness.

Before I knew it,
Mom's persistence got the best of me.

She had fixed my favorite outdoor toy...
the feathers on a string!

I think this will be good practice for finally catching those 
robins that taunt me everyday!

When we all went inside, I was still full of energy.
So Mom found one of my bouncy balls.

This is my quick turn around:

No editing!

By this point I had forgotten that I had begun
my day by hiding under the bed.

After a fair amount of play,
I settled onto the back of the recliner for a bit.
Mom let me lick the condensation off the side of her glass.

I absolutely love condensation on the side of a glass!

Then, when Mom and Daddy settled down to play
video games, I still had loads of energy.

I ran all over the house!

Hours later I had finally exhausted myself
and curled up on Mom's legs.

I had some great dreams.

This is the look of one seriously comfortable cat.