Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Need More Excitement

Today was so boring!

Mom and Daddy left me alone for hours.

It wasn't even until nighttime that Mom
finally took me to get the mail.

Is that my harness?

We couldn't even stop to visit with the
Nice Ladies in the office
because it was so late.

I wanted to stay out longer,
but there were strange humans outside.

Now I have way too many wiggles I need to get out!

I think I'd attack anything right now!

Come on, Mom!

Can we do SOMETHING!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Fairly Normal Friday

Today Mom woke to find I had
put Mimzy in my food bowl.

Well, I needed someone to watch me eat while she slept.

I spent some quality time in the window
watching the great outdoors.

I also spent some quality time in the 
dining room....

watching the great outdoors.

I had fun playing with my tail...

but feigned innocence when Mom tried to capture
it on with the camera.

Eventually, however, the Teenagers came over.

I've gotten used to this.

When they all left,
I made my rounds, smelling everything.

Now that the house is all quiet again,
I've commenced begging for a nighttime walk.

Mom promises she'll take me on one as soon as the blog's done!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Day

Today Mom and Daddy got up early
and fussed about in the kitchen.

Mom cooked all day,
and ended up with this:

I think there was other stuff too,
but I mostly smelled the turkey.
Mom offered me some,
but I don't like turkey.

Since they were up early, and because
the outdoors was generally empty of humans,
I went outside on my tether for awhile.

The humans' cooking seemed to take all day,
so I just napped on the armchair.

Auntie had to work, so I didn't get to see her.
It was weird seeing Uncle without her.

After the dinner, the humans got really lazy.
I was done being lazy myself,
so I tried to entice Mom to play with me.

She tried for a bit.
I led her around trying to get whatever I could from her.
First it was more food.

Then I led her down the hallway.

That's right, Mom keep following me...

And take me for a nighttime walk!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Staying Home

Today started off nice and mellow.

I thought it would be a normal Wednesday,
but that guy never came and took Mom away!

She actually stayed home!

She kept busy most of the day,
but at one point she settled down for a bit.
I took advantage and napped on her lap.

But she eventually got up again.
She left her apron on the table,
so I played with the strings.

But I got bored playing all by myself.

Mom figured it out.

She got out one of my favorite toys!
We played on the armchair...

Then under the curtain...

Then back on the armchair!

But I suppose all good things must end.

Mom did pretty good...
I'll give her an A on her report card today.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Better Day

Today was better.

We visited Nice Lady 2 in the office.
I was terribly cute, but all Mom got was this
one blurry photo.

Gee, thanks Mom.

When we got home, I stayed outside for a bit.

Then I ran around the house.

Mom even played tag with me!
I had so much fun!

Then she went to visit Poodle Lady again.

She got home shortly before Daddy did.

After some more tag,
I settled onto a dining room chair.

After awhile
Mom and Daddy started talking to Computer Aunt,
so I curled up in Mom's lap.

Then they all moved into the living room to watch a show,
so I settled into Mom's lap there.

When they were done, Mom got up
and let me have the good chair all to myself.

I guess Mom did alright by me today.

I'll give her a B+.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Alone Again

Today I sat in the window and watched 
as my humans drove away again.

After a few hours, they returned.

Mom took me to get the mail.
She actually hasn't done that in a few days.

When we visited Nice Lady in the office,
I made myself at home.

I hadn't been there in awhile,
so I also explored a bit.

Mom even played with me!

It's always nice when I can attack my leash.
There's just something satisfying about it.

When we got home, I was reluctant to go inside.

Of course I eventually did.

After a bit Nice Boy came over.
And then, of course, they all left.

When they returned after what seemed like an eternity,
I told them how I felt.
I sat in my Box of Rebellion and yelled at them
for a good 5 minutes...maybe less.

Once that was taken care of.
I sat at the table with them.

Well...under it anyway.

I miss the days when Mom would just stay home!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Today Mom left me and Daddy alone...

for FIVE hours!

When she finally came home
I showed her what I thought of that behavior.

Ultimate Rebellion = Ultimate Disapproval
Of course, I had missed her terribly...
so I climbed into her lap.

But I'm still not happy.

Auntie and Uncle came over.
I was still moody.

Mom got up and I got the chair all to myself.

Auntie tried to take my picture because I was cute...
but she had the flash on!

We've talked about using flash photography, Auntie. Don't make me tell you again.

That did nothing to improve my mood.
So she tried cheering me up with her bear.

Hello, Theodore.  Your presence has me overcome with joy.
Then Mom joined Auntie in paying attention to me.

Oh, hi Mom.

I gave them a hard time.

No, Auntie, you may NOT touch me.

Then Mom snuck up behind me.

I let her know I wanted to play.
She was not pleased with my claw...I mean,

Even so, she played with me.

I was enjoying things.
Then I remembered that the cold weather
had set in.
This meant that Mom had put up the curtain
in the hallway!

Time for my favorite winter game!

"Attack From Behind the Curtain"!

I suppose I'll forgive Mom for leaving.
THIS time!