Thursday, April 17, 2014

News and Nighttime Walk


Yesterday I heard some skateboarders outside,
so I hid under the bed.

Long after they left, Mom had to convince me it was safe to come out.

She took me outside to face the day head on.

It was pretty nice.

We got the mail and visited Nice Lady 1 in the office.
At first things weren't bad.
I just waited by the door in hopes of going home.

But then I hid under the couch until Mom called me to leave.

Once we got home, I enjoyed some more time outside,
but the weather was beginning to change.

It got a bit cold and windy.
It also smelled like wildfires, but Mom
said it was controlled burns and I shouldn't worry.

I asked to visit the tasty plant, and Mom actually let me!

No harness, just Mom keeping a close eye on me!
I felt pretty free.

Still, we didn't like the air, so Mom and I retreated to the indoors.

Mom played with me for a bit.
Then, before I knew it, Wednesday Guy came and took Mom away.

Finally, Daddy brought Mom home.
She put my harness on as if to take me on a nighttime walk!

I was excited, but she took awhile getting herself ready.

Harness on.

I stopped to thoroughly investigate the smells
left by those other cats I see all the time.

Then Mom let me go almost anywhere I wanted!

We had a good long walk!

Then too many people started walking their dogs,
which made me feel less safe.
Mom was attentive to my mood and took me home.

After I stared out the window for a bit,
bemoaning the fact that I was no longer outside,
I settled onto Mom's lap.

Today was pretty good.

Lately I've been feeling more and more insecure.

Mom's getting a bit worried, I guess.
There used to be a couple of things that scared me,
but I'd bounce back pretty quickly.

Recently, as you may have noticed, I've taken to hiding more frequently.

So, I have an announcement to make.
Mom's going to put the blog on hiatus so she can focus on my needs.
I hope you understand.
This, of course, make ME very happy.
I'll still be on my Google+, so check there for updates.

Don't worry, I'll be back here before you know it!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

So Bored I Should've Slept All Day


Yesterday was normal.
Too normal.
With the exception that I woke up on my new comfy bed.

I didn't want to leave it, but Mom
got the best of me as usual and we went to get the mail.

I hid under the sofa in the office again.
Then a strange thing happened.
Not strange enough to make my day interesting or anything,
but Uncle came into the office.

Of course, this didn't do anything to improve my 
sense of insecurity.

It wasn't long after he showed up that I got to go home,
but Uncle didn't stay.

When Daddy got home, he continued moving things
about in the forbidden room.
Eventually Auntie and Uncle both came over.

I curled up next to Auntie on the couch for a bit,
but I mostly ignored the humans.

Until at last, I settled down on the bench next to Mom.
(After attempting to steal Auntie's seat when she stood up.)

Once Auntie and Uncle had gone and
Daddy had retired to bed, I got the bench
all to myself.

Down right BORING

Monday, April 14, 2014



Yesterday I once again hid under the sofa in the office
while Mom visited with Nice Lady 2.

When I got out onto the sidewalk on the way home,
I had a great roll!

At home, Mom got right to work completely
 rearranging my bedroom!

Monday Aunt showed up, then Daddy.
Next thing I knew Daddy was rearranging the 
forbidden bedroom.

When the humans finally calmed down,
I found that my room had gained the bed that had 
always been in the forbidden room before.

Now, at last, the forbidden bed is mine!

They put some weird new bed in the forbidden room.

The rest of the Monday people came over and all was normal.

I took up my post at the door, hoping for that
ever elusive nighttime walk.

Ultimately, I approve of all the change that 
the humans subjected me to today.

A Case of the Boredoms


Yesterday I didn't feel like doing anything.

It was another beautiful spring day,
so Mom tried to entice me out into the sun.

I went as far as the doormat.

The rest of the day I spent looking out various windows.

I had a brief spurt of energy which I used
to run up and down the hallway a few times.

Auntie came over, so I snuggled next to her on the couch for a bit.

After a brief nap, I cleaned up.

Then I ended my day snuggling next to Mom.

Mom's worried I may be a little depressed.
I say it's nothing a nighttime walk won't cure.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Great Outdoors


Yesterday Mom and Daddy took me to the park.
It's been months since they did that last,
so I was very upset about the whole idea.

I just wanted to curl up and hide.

I insisted on the comfort of Mom's arms.

Slowly, however, I began to remember.

I wasn't fully relaxed, but I used to love it here.

I hugged every fence and every wall.

Then we went down on the little pier.

This place brought more good memories,

but I was still uneasy.

The water level was really low!
So we could see all sorts of footprints in the mud,
and little birds were hopping around out there.

Oh, the smells!
Water, fish, birds, otter, beaver, muskrat!
Too many to count!

By the time it was time to go I was more confident.

When we got into the car,
I took Daddy's seat.

For some reason, Mom and Daddy weren't
about to let me drive.

So I rode in my usual seat on the way home.

Once we were home,
Mom let me enjoy more time outside
on familiar ground!

The kids in the neighborhood were playing
with some little car that made noise.

I had to stand up tall to get a better look at the strange thing.

Eventually I was done being outside,
and relaxed with my view through the window.

When it got dark, of course, I was begging for more!