Thursday, March 27, 2014

Worst. Month. Ever!


Yesterday I got up early and played.
My insecurities from the last couple of weeks got the best of
me and I put Mimzy in my food bowl.

So I went back to bed.

Mom came and woke me later.
I was feeling less than eager to face the day.

When we went to get the mail,
we passed by a car that had such interesting smells on it!

Then we went to visit Nice Lady in the office.

After we got home, Mom let me chill outside.

It was a very nice day.
I got to go outside more than once!

When I went out for the second time,
I didn't have my harness on.
So I was good and sat on the mat.

As soon as Mom put the harness and tether on me,
I went out to the grass.

I am loving the spring air!

When I went inside, I had to face the 
harsh reality.

Mom was packing...


Let's recap.
First Auntie and Uncle left.
Then, while they were still gone,
Daddy left.
Then, as soon as he got back,
Mom left!
Now, Mom's been back for like, one day,
and she and Daddy are leaving!

I've had it!

I tried to prevent her from completing her task.

Not only did I sit on her suitcase,
but I also messed with her stuff.

More than once I pushed her clothes to the ground.

I also followed Mom from room to room as she
went about her packing, seeking a way to stop her.
( wasn't because I missed her!)

She had her hair in little braids,
so I played with them.

Ultimately I was trying to be the brat that
Mom and Daddy deserve.

Mom tried to give me a peace offering of wet food.

In the end, however, I chose
to mostly ignore her while sitting on my
chair pining for the outdoors.

Auntie and Uncle came over and got house keys
from Mom and Daddy.
I guess they're going to be here for me.
(Don't think I've forgotten that they left me this month too!)

I guess this means no blog for a few days.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

She's Back!


Monday Daddy stayed home with me.
He sat out on the patio with me,
despite the fact that I had hissed at him on Sunday
after Mom left.

Then, yesterday, he went to work.
He came back to check on me during his
lunch break, but then I was alone again.

That is, until evening came.
I heard the door.
Then I heard Mom calling me.

That's right, she came home!
At first I was aloof.
(She deserved it.)

Then I smelled her things.

There were all kinds of really strange smells on them!
She gave me a hug and then went straight to the shower.
I can't say as I blamed her.  After all, she didn't smell
quite like the Mom I'm familiar with.

When she came out of the shower, she sat in the 
recliner and took a nap.
I snuggled in her lap and purred so loud!

Even after Daddy got home, I didn't want to let
Mom out of my sight for very long.
I followed her everywhere.

Even when she hung out in the bathroom for a bit,
I wandered all around her.

I just couldn't leave her unattended for a second!

When she went back to the recliner she
didn't leave me much lap to sit on,
so I sat behind her.

It's great to have both Mom and Daddy home,
but I suspect they're still not settled.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Daddy's Home!


Yesterday seemed normal when I woke up.

Mom started doing chores around the house.

Then, with no hint of anything being strange,
she took out the trash.
When she came back into the house...

Daddy was with her!

I just couldn't believe it!

After he was home for a little bit,
I went and sat on my bed by the window.
Daddy came and snuggled with me for a bit.
I purred!
And I shed another tear.
I was so happy to see him!

Wednesday Guy came over for a bit.
Then later Uncle came over, eventually followed by Auntie.

I was really beginning to feel I might 
have some normalcy in my life.

Then I realized that Mom was up to something.

'What's with the backpack, Mom?'

I went to my chair and tried to pretend it meant nothing.

When I asked Mom for a nighttime walk,
she gave it to me!

I really just wanted to smell the
place where that other cat shows up
every night.

When we came back from our walk,
I couldn't help but notice that Mom had
set her sleeping bag next to her backpack.

This does not bode well.
She had confessed to me that she is going 
away with those teenagers again.

'What are you humans trying to do to me?!
I just got Daddy back and now Mom is leaving?!'

At least it's for a 'backpack duration' and not a 'suitcase duration'.

I guess this means no blog for a couple of days.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Missing Daddy


Yesterday there were some strange humans in the office.

One of them was that little one I saw a long time ago.
So, I was quiet and kept close to Mom.

Later I realized it was the day that the Teenagers come over.

Again, I was quiet and kept mostly to myself.

At one point I tried to get Mom to follow me into
my room and sit with me.
(Because that's what Daddy does with me while the 
Teenagers visit).

But Mom didn't stay with me.

I miss Daddy.

Monday Aunt came over and hung out with 
the Teenagers too.
When the Teenagers began to leave,
Monday Uncle came over.
Then Favorite Aunt showed up!
After a bit, Monday Aunt and Uncle left,
but then Favorite Uncle showed up!

My house was one big human social hub!

So I went into the living room and ignored everyone.

With all these humans coming and going,
 I thought maybe Daddy would walk through that door.

He didn't.

After Mom and I were alone again,
I curled up on my chair.

I was reluctant to get up,
but then something caught my attention.

So I got up to investigate.

I thought maybe I saw that other cat.

I think it just walked by.
So I climbed back onto my chair.

Of course, then I noticed Mom's glass sitting 
on the table there.

I just love to lick the condensation off the side
of a glass!

After I was done licking the glass,
I tried to curl up and go back to sleep.

Mom insists Daddy will be home soon.
I beginning to think humans have a different idea
of 'soon' than I do.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Auntie Visits Again!


Yesterday Auntie came over again!
I was, once again, reluctant to get up.

We visited Nice Lady 2 in the office.

As soon as I had a chance I meowed at the door
to go home.
To my surprise, Auntie let me go home!

Auntie visited for quite awhile.
Then, once again, she took Mom away.
Fortunately, they weren't gone as long this time.

They hung out around the table working on another puzzle.

I ran around the house for a bit.

Then I went to sit in my chair.
I could keep a good eye out for that other cat.

Yep! I saw it!

I got up to watch it.

When I was done watching the other cat
I noticed that Auntie didn't seem to be using her
chair at the moment.
It had a really nice blanket on it,
so I decided to take her seat.

Auntie spoils me so!
She was clearly upset that I had taken her seat,
but she didn't make me move.

Obviously she was taken in by my cute factor.
The evidence is in the fact that instead of 
ousting me from her chair, she took pictures of me.

Eventually Auntie went and got Uncle.
They stayed for a bit longer and then went home.

I got up to get something to eat.
When I came back, Mom had moved the nice blanket.
So I went back to my chair.

I was feeling a bit playful,
and my tail was feeling a bit unruly.

So I attacked it!

Sometimes a cat's just got to entertain himself!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Auntie Visits


Yesterday Auntie came over!
She came with Mom and I on our usual rounds.

When we got to the office, Poodle Lady was there.
Yes, with the poodle.

I was less than pleased.
Then that big dog came in too.

'I'm feeling a bit outnumbered here, Mom.'

Finally, we went home and Mom let me enjoy the great outdoors.

Wednesday Guy didn't come to take Mom away.
Instead, Auntie took her.
When they came back, I was so sad I began to cry.

O.K., so I really just had something in my eye.

Mom came to watch me eat, but she didn't stay long enough.
So I used Mimzy instead.

Then I began my watch for that other cat.

Eventually, it showed up!
Auntie and Mom watched it with me.

And the other cat watched us.

Even after it left, I had to keep looking back
to see if it had returned.

After awhile, Auntie left and came back with Uncle.
They stayed a visited for a little while longer.

When it was down to just Mom and I,
I stuck close to her.
Moving from room to room as she did.

Finally settling onto my chair in the dining room
next to hers.