Friday, December 11, 2015

Seasonal Changes

The snow melted.
So I went outside to see if there were salvageable remains
of my tasty plant.

With Mom's help, I found a bit.

The humans rearranged the office lobby for Christmas.
I must say, I'm greatly disappointed.
It seems they saw fit to move my chair to the 
other side of the room.
So I have to settle for these chairs which
offer little in the way of cover.

I was, however, able to enjoy the nighttime for a little bit.
Although, Mom failed to take me for a nighttime recon.

Despite the lack of snow, the ground was still quite cold,
so I retreated to the door mat.

One day, Nice Lady 2 didn't come into work.
So I filled in for her.

No offense, Nice Lady 2, but I found your job boring.

I also got to see Auntie and Uncle.
Auntie even bought me a stocking for Christmas.
It's much bigger than the usual mitten.

I hope this means it will be filled with more nip!

Tonight the snow began to fall again.
I was concerned for a bit, then I realized I had
something bigger to worry about.

Mom and Daddy began packing.
Not only were they packing suitcases for themselves,
but they also brought out my road trip supplies.

I don't know if I should be upset that we're leaving the 
comforts of home, or happy to be headed towards a warmer climate.

One thing's for sure, however,
I will be happy to give some comfort to Grandma after
the recent loss of her amazing cat, Duchess.

In memory of Duchess.
Born to a feral litter.
Loving cat to humans, skilled huntress, formidable opponent to cats.