Thursday, May 29, 2014


Yesterday the swimming pool opened.
And, yes, it was rainy.

You may wonder how this effects my world.
Well, much like me and my nighttime walks,
Mom doesn't let the weather stop her from swimming.
So she leaves me.
For hours.

However, that isn't the worst thing happening in my world.

I got tired of my food.
So Mom made an attempt to give me something different.
Those of you who take care of cats know:
This usually ends in total failure.

And so it has happened.
When Mom approached my food bowl,
I stood up on my hind legs, gave her my most pathetic look,
and meowed desperately for her to give me something better.

She felt terrible.
She tried giving me wet food,
but I declined that as well.
She tried giving me treats,
but I don't like treats and she knows it.

So all that was left was the usual trip to the mail box.
The Nice Ladies in the office weren't quite as busy this time.

Mom let me enjoy a bit of outside time before she left me for the pool.

Shortly after she came home, Daddy came and took her away.

So, while she was gone, I took a nap with Daddy.

While he was gone fetching Mom,
I put Mimzy in my food bowl...

...still horribly dissatisfied with my food situation.

While Mom and Daddy played video games,
I tried to snuggle onto Mom's lap...

She wasn't sitting in the recliner, so it was
nearly impossible to find a good spot.

I ended up forcing myself onto a little 
space on the stool next to her feet.

After a day like that, I feel like moping.
Does anybody want to join me?
It's always better to mope in groups.