Saturday, October 25, 2014


Yesterday, when Mom and I went to the 
office to visit Nice Lady 2,  I explored a bit.

Then I decided to sit in the chair next to Mom.

Of course, I had a little trouble acting on this decision.

Mostly because my harness was bugging me.

Eventually I made the jump.

I think I spent more time preparing to be on the chair
than I spent actually sitting on the chair.

Then I did a bad thing.
I went for the forbidden plant again.
Mom got mad quick!
We went right home.

Mom figured I needed some greens,
so she went out to the Tasty Plant and brought me back a piece.
I made quick work of it.

Then we went out to the Tasty Plant together.
She picked me out another good piece.

I must admit, she knows how to pick them.

I chowed down.

Then I decided I wanted to choose my own piece.

I couldn't find one as good as the ones Mom picked.

So I spent some time just enjoying the patio.

After we had gone indoors for awhile,
Uncle showed up.
Then he and Mom went away.
I thought they were going to be gone a long time,
so I put Mimzy in my food bowl.
Sort of.

I was wrong.
They came back promptly.

So I got all hyper.
I pulled the back away from the recliner 
and checked inside.

I ran around a bit.
Mom played with me a bit.

Daddy came home.
Uncle left.
Facetious Friday came over.
It was a hub of human social activity.

I claimed the roof of my box hotel.

I owned it.

Then everyone left me.
This time they were gone longer.

Fortunately, when Mom and Daddy came home,
Mom took me for a nighttime recon.

Unfortunately I got spooked when I heard
a person walking on a nearby sidewalk.

So I ran back inside.

After that I had to check the whole house to
make sure everything was O.K.

Then I settled onto the window sill...

sort of.

Well, sort of 'on' that is.

After that I just stayed close to Mom.