Friday, July 15, 2016

Fourth of July and Other Human Annoyances

I know, I know!
The span between blog posts is getting worse.

You may be thinking that I've gotten pretty lazy about the whole thing.

The truth is more disturbing.
That is, I'm more disturbed by the truth.
Which is that the humans
 have completely messed with my world!

Sure, part of it may be because the weather has been nice enough
for me to enjoy some good outside time.

I've spent a decent amount of time patrolling my turf.

I was even caught on the security cameras leaping for a bird.

I didn't catch it.

Despite my apparent failure as a bird catcher, I've enjoyed my outside time.

I've indulged in the tasty plant Mom put in a pot next to my patio.

Also, a brand new season of Fish Tank finally came on the TV again.

Grandma came up for a nice long visit too.
Which means I had to share my room.

Not that I didn't like Grandma's company or anything.
It's just...well, sharing my room took some time to get used to.

On the Fourth of July we all went out to watch the sunset.

Then we went to watch the fireworks.
I sat buckled snug in my bag between Mom and Daddy.

I'm happy I'm not left home alone hiding under the bed.
I've never missed a fireworks show since I've lived with
Mom and Daddy.

This one proved to be a good show.

It was nice to have Grandma there with us.
She shared the backseat with me on our lovely car ride home.

I took some time to show off my patriotism.

We also watched a sunset at my favorite park.
Grandma was there taking pictures of me...and the sunset.

I didn't enjoy being close to the water, but I did like watching the ducks.

I had to take the bad with the good, I guess.

It was, after all, a gorgeous sunset!

Eventually I got bored and was more than ready to go home.

After Grandma left, I thought my life would return to normal.

I was wrong.

It seems they're doing some remodeling in the office.

New paint, new furniture...and they're not even finished!

I spent a little time today just investigating some of the changes.

I found quite a few things that are going to require 
a good dose of scent markings.

I was happy to see that my favorite chairs are still there.
They have been moved, but I'm alright with the new position.

I can see the door and all the windows from there.

I don't know when the humans will be done messing with my world,
but it can't be soon enough.

Mom and Daddy have also taken me on a couple of good long 
nighttime walks around town.

We even met Sneaky Girl down by the river one night.
That's where I caught the strong scent of something on the river bank.
Then came a very loud kersploosh!
It was followed by a few more warning splashes.
Mom, Daddy and Sneaky Girl all told me that it was a beaver.
I've decided that I don't like beavers.
Between you and me, I think the dislike is mutual.

After my adventures, I'm always happy to be back on my own turf.
 I've fully adjusted to having a new couch in my house.

 I've definitely reclaimed this part of my kingdom!