Monday, July 3, 2017

Annual Checkup

I know, you thought this day would never come.
Neither did I.
Well, I hoped it wouldn't.

Oh, you're thinking of the day I post this blog!
I was thinking of my annual visit to the vet's office!

Well, let me tell you about that day!
First, there was the waiting room.
I stayed in Mom's lap for the most part because there
was a dog in the waiting room too.

Eventually, I got too antsy and Mom let me sit on the floor.

When my name was finally called I walked down the hall like a pro.
I stopped for a second to look through an open door, 
but quickly fell back in step with Mom and Daddy.

Once we were in the exam room, the girl that guided us there
weighed me and took my temperature.
My temperature!
Do you know how they do that?!
That's right! They put the thermometer in my bum!
Imagine having that done when you haven't even
had a proper chance to explore your surroundings yet!

Of course, as soon as she left the room to get the doctor,
that's exactly what I did.
I checked my surroundings.

One must make sure an exam room is thoroughly examined.

The doctor took longer than I did, so I went back 
and sat next to Daddy.

I didn't mind the wait.

When she finally came into the room, I realized that she
wasn't my usual doctor!
Mom said that it was my doctor's day off.
Well, my usual doctor knows me!
She even reads my blog!
How am I supposed to trust a doctor that doesn't even
know I have a blog?

Well, much to my surprise, the first thing this new doctor
said when she came in the room was something along the lines of,
"Sorry for making you wait.  I just had to read his blog first!"

So I thinks to myself,
"O.K., she'll do."

I was very patient as she listened to my heart and lungs.

I was even patient when she looked in my eyes and ears
and felt my kidneys.

I was patient when she looked under my tail.

I was as patient as I could be when she gave me a 
complimentary claw trimming.

When she gave me my rabies vaccination, she was stunned!
I didn't even flinch.
She said that she was impressed when a dog didn't give
her any trouble when it came to the shot...but a cat!
Now THAT was impressive!

That's right.
I took it like a boss.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I enjoyed the whole affair.

I was just showing the humans how awesome I am.

Have you ever seen a cat so well mannered at the vet's office?

After the exam, I went back and got some chin rubs from Daddy.

When I got home, I relaxed on the patio...
careful not to agitate a sore bum.

I wandered over to the tasty plant.

I returned to the vole hunt.

I checked the progress of my catnip plant.

I went back to check on the toy that I stol... er... what was it K.C. said?

I was treated to some bisque.
I even got to enjoy it out on the patio!

You see, that's the best part about vet visits.
You get spoiled for the rest of the day!

I finally decided to settle into my usual outdoor spot.
The one that's just around the corner where I can pretend 
Mom's not watching my every move.

Of course, she changed that.
She brought chairs over there too so she could join me.


At least she brought my toy over.

She was even kind enough to toss it back to me
every time I threw it just out of my reach.

I eventually noticed that the fountain was off for the day.

That meant I could really focus on some vole hunting!

I am determined to catch one this summer!
Or at least spend a lot of time convincing myself
I'm the greatest vole hunter ever!

In other news, Mom has a computer again,
so hopefully blog posts will be more frequent once again.
Thank you all for your patience.