Monday, January 18, 2016


Tonight I wanted to go outside.
I know, I know...I ALWAYS want to go outside.
The thing is, the weather was fairly decent.
Mom repeatedly went outside, but she kept leaving me inside!
I could even hear her greet Felix now and again.
Of course, all Felix and I could do was watch her.

Then FINALLY Mom actually let me go outside.
Well, I rushed right over to visit Felix.
Much to my disappointment, however, he was not in his window.

I waited patiently for him to return.

Then I started calling to him.

Then I gave him a few words that expressed my opinion
about how rude he was being.

No matter how I pleaded, he wouldn't come
to the window for so much as a 'how do you do'.

Eventually I got so miffed that I went right onto his patio
to give him a piece of my mind.
Well, that did it.
I didn't get Felix's attention, but I sure did get Mom's.
She was none to pleased that I had gone outside my boundaries.
I got yelled at.
So I returned to MY window.
Apparently that wasn't enough.
Mom picked me up and carried me into the house.

Everyone is rude to me and I'M the one who gets in trouble?


I just decided to go grab a bite to eat and maybe tell
Mimzy all about my sorrows.

I hope the rest of my night goes better.
That is to say, I hope I get my way from here on out.