Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Updates and Changes

So it's been about a month since my last blog entry.
I guess I'll take the time to bring you into my world.
I guess I should apologize for ignoring my devoted fans for so long.
I've been wanting to update you, but my human secretary has been
less than helpful.
February has been nice.
Of course, I'm referring to the weather.
Normally we're whisker high in snow this time of year.
I've been quite pleased to have temperatures in the 50ºs.

 I've enjoyed a few Caturday outings.

Of course, my favorite part of outings 
is coming back home. 

That's, by far, the most exciting part. 

 Mom even trusted me to walk from the car
to the house off-leash.

 Unfortunately, that just resulted in me having
to wait for my humans to catch up.

I have been able to get out to enjoy the nice weather,
but the ground has failed to dry out.
I hate wet paws!

 At least we've had some nice sunsets.

I've also had the pleasure of a soft
Star Wars blanket. 

With the weather being so nice I've been able to
go outside at night. 

 I also suspect there's a new kitty living with Tucker upstairs,
but I've yet to see her.

 The trouble with getting to do things you enjoy is that they come to an end.
I always feel less content than usual after getting a taste of something pleasant.

I've also been making visits to the office with Mom. 

I approve of the current arrangement of the furniture. 

 My chair has a nice view of the windows while still being
close to the doorway home.

I especially love the couch near the window when Mom sits next to me. 

The only problem is that she takes embarrassing photos of me with my tongue out.

 At least she gets some nice photos too.

I'm not quite as happy with the placement of the table.
I feel more exposed and Mom doesn't choose the seat by the window anymore.

 There's also been a change to the staff.
Nice Lady 2 is still here, but now she shares the office with a new girl.
I'll give her more time before I name this new human,
But I'm leaning towards 'Happy Girl'.

I've continued my stakeout on the suspected mouse in the tasty plant.
Sorry to report:  no luck so far. 

 The real news for this blog post is that I've taken to following
Mom around as she goes about her night job.

Now, if you follow me on Google+, you're already in the know.
I follow Mom right into the den of to the Maintenance Guys.
They're never in there at the time, so it's a good time to scope out the place.
Recently they left a tarp on the back of the golf cart.
Well! Something about the way it smelled piqued my interest. 

 I had to smell it from every angle.

 EVERY angle.

This is my face when I smell something extra stinky:

I hang my mouth open for awhile to process it.
Normally I reserve that face for my own butt.

I spent so much time smelling it I think it's best
to leave the remaining photos and GIFs as a sort of montage.


Ahh yeah...so many interesting smells!
Mom had trouble tearing me away.
It makes me wonder how you all smell out there in the interwebs. 

 I guess I may never know.