Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Crouching Winchester, Hidden Vermin

I have taken my mouse hunt to the next level.
Every chance I get I climb through the fence and
take up my post in the dry fountain.

Sure, there are times when I hang out
on the patio with Mom and Daddy.
They're even kind enough to bring one
of my boxes outside.

The grass is a bit damp, so
I'm happy to hop up onto my perch.

I have a decent view of the neighborhood from there.

I can also see Tucker and Abby's balcony.

Most of my time outdoors, however, is spent on the hunt.

Sure, I get a little miffed when I come up empty pawed.

Still, the thrill of the hunt outweighs any disappointment I might experience.

I remain focused.
(What's that blue thing anyway? I'm sure it can't be trusted.)

There was this one time when I felt certain I would catch
the little vermin.
Mom was almost certain too.
There I was, poised for the pounce...
 when the little beastie poked his head out.

Did you see it?!
It's blending in quite well between the rocks.
Here's a closer look:

Unfortunately, I found my pounce angle to be less than perfect,
so I let the little vermin get away.
Mom took that moment to inform me that he was likely a vole or shrew.
She didn't get a good enough look at his snout to be sure.
Mouse, vole, shrew....VERMIN!
Whatever the humans want to call it, I want to call it 'dead'.

After awhile I gave up the hunt to go visit with my neighbors.
Of course you know my best friend, Felix.

Then there's Coco.  I'm not really sure if we spell her name correctly,
but I haven't seen her all winter.

The three of us hung out for awhile.

Coco would look down at me...
...I would look over at Felix.

The three of us took turns looking this way and that.
Coco from her balcony,

me from the rock wall of Felix's yard,

and Felix, from his window.

Good times.

Then, the next day, I would return to my hunt.

One of these days I'll master the difficult angles.

Today was not that day.