Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Onset of Springtime

Springtime has finally decided to stick around for awhile.
I've actually been able to spend some quality time
outside with Mom's supervision.
Much of this time has been put to use continuing my quest
for the mouse that lives in the tasty plant.

I've even stepped it up a notch and passed through the fence barrier.

Of course, I do take snack breaks.
I couldn't possibly spend all that time near the tasty plant
and not partake in its tasty goodness.

Then it's back to the hunt.
Slowly I creep through the fence...

...and slowly I retreat.

I spend my nights either expending my
pent-up hunting energy...

...or staring at Mom wondering when I'll get to go out again.

Some spring days, however, are a bit chillier than others.
When the ground's cold, I don't like to leave the warmth of a doormat.

Fortunately, I have Mom trained to bring the tasty plant to me.

In other news...
Nice Lady 2 was kind enough to put my office chairs 
back where they belong near my exit door.

I am very grateful for this consideration.

It's nice to know that humans understand the importance
of keeping me happy.