Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Ups and Downs of May

Well, friends, it's been about a month since my last post.
I had been successfully vole hunting at the time.
Well, I almost had another vole, but I dropped it.
Yeah, that's right.  I'm ashamed to admit it, but I did indeed drop it.
I dropped it right down into the bottom of the empty fountain.

O.K., maybe not quite empty.
You see, there was just a bit of water in the bottom.
I thought I might go down and retrieve the vole since
it was just sitting there...

...but my strong abhorrence of water got the better of me.
In the end, I decided my desire to avoid the water outweighed 
my desire to catch the vole.

Then, to add insult to injury, an intruder wandered into my
vole hunting grounds.

All I could do was watch helplessly from my window.

My only consolation was that he didn't catch any voles.

Still, the days were warm, so I was able to spend some time
outside with Mom.
One day Mom and I sat out on the patio while Daddy ran the vacuum.
I could hear the noise and wanted to retreat to safety.
The only trouble was that my places of safety were overrun by the vacuum.

When Daddy was done, he came to open the door for me.
Unfortunately, he decided to take a picture before letting me in.
You can see the impatience on my face.

From there the month of May only got worse.
The dreaded day finally arrived.
That is, the day they got the fountain up and running.

How am I supposed to hunt voles with all that water around?

So I took up a different post from which to watch the neighborhood.

I also had quite a bit of energy.

Mom and I had some fun days.
I just want to remember them in slow-motion.

Ah...good times.

Things were starting to look up again.

I would be quite content if May stayed warm and relaxing.

I had turned my attention from voles to birds.
Mom doesn't like me chasing birds, though.

I also spent time visiting with my friend Felix.

Then, when May showed its true colors and the rain began
to pour, I rebelled.
I ran over to see Felix despite getting a bit wet on the way there.

So, with intermittent sunshine, I had to enjoy it every chance I got.

I tried my best to take in the pleasantness of those brief moments.

My outdoor time has become my obsession.

There has even been an amazing change to my turf.
Management added these wonderful signs:

Hopefully this will mean a reduction of dog traffic on my sidewalk.

That way I can enjoy the tasty plant in peace.

The best part of May, of course, was my Gotcha Day.
That's right...
as of May 19th I've lived in my forever home for 4 years!
Mom made me a new catnip toy.

I found it quite satisfactory.

The other kitties in the neighborhood have been
trying to enjoy the bits of sunshine as well.
I was happy to see Tucker and Abby out on their balcony.

I couldn't reach them, though.

Tucker was a bit more social than usual.

I tried various angles of greeting.

Mom even helped a bit by putting my box outside.

Abby had been social, but then she chose to ignore me.

At least Felix was mostly reachable.

That's why he's my best friend.