Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Socializing and Other Adventures

This week Mom continued to be busy.
So, I decided to steal her otter toy for myself.
Of course I had to break it in by putting it in the food bowl.

On Friday, all the office people came over to MY place.
I mean, all three Nice Ladies and all the Maintenance Guys.
I haven't decided where Nice Lady 3's husband fits in,
but I might just call him Maintenance Guy 3.
Mom says I have them oddly named anyway.
Apparently they're the bosses.
So Nice Lady 3 and Maintenance Guy 3 should be
Boss Lady and Boss Guy...but that makes them sound bossy.
Let's face it, they're more nice than bossy.
So I'll just keep it my way.

So, while all the humans were socializing, 
I tried my best to enjoy my sidewalk.

Later that night I had a visitor.
The frog that lives in the fountain by the tasty plant.

He came and sat on the door's window ledge.
I tried my best to get him.

Mom teased me by bringong it into the house for a bit.

I still couldn't get at him.

Then she put him back in his fountain.

Then came Caturday.
At last, things were a little normal.
Mom, Daddy, and I went for a nice Caturday outing.

We stopped at the pet store so I could 
try out the nice perches which Mom and Daddy
never buy for me.

They let me wander around and do plenty of window shopping.

Although, I didn't see any windows for sale,
nor do I need to buy any.
I mean, I HAVE windows at home.

After roaming the store for awhile,
we drove to the park.

I had quite a lovely time there.

I did lots of exploring.

Mom and Daddy were always nearby to help me feel safe.

I even made some kayaker's day.
He seemed extra pleased to see a cat on a leash.

I was more interested in the water fowl.

It was, after all, a perfectly lovely day!

On the way home I was completely relaxed.

Once I WAS home,
I felt like I was king of the world.

Of course, we all know I am.

So, another week is beginning and Mom is continuing to be busy.

Let's just hope this pattern changes once autumn sets in.
After all, I need all the attention I can get.