Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Home at Last!

There I was, sunning myself in the window.
I was trying not to be stressed out.

It had been days since I'd seen Mom and Daddy.
Let me tell you, I had been so stressed that I did
things I should have gotten in trouble for.
I had also doubled up on my toys in my food bowl.

I was NOT happy.
Nothing against Sneaky Girl, but
she's just not Mom.

Then it happened.
At first, I thought I was hallucinating.
Then, as Mom approached, I realized it wasn't a dream.
Mom and Daddy were really home!

It took me a little while to recover from their absence.

However, after a little outdoor bird therapy I began to relax.

Mom and Daddy seemed to need time to relax too.
You can see in this photo that I'm still a little stressed.
You may also notice that there's a slight orange tint to my world.

That's because our state and all the states around us 
are on fire.
So the air is smokey and the sky looks like this:

Despite the lousy air quality,
I still managed to enjoy my outdoor time.

I also enjoyed my indoor time.

After all, Monday came and went.
So all my humans were at my house socializing.
Things are back to normal.

And, have I mentioned?
I'm really happy to have Mom home.

She says that's she's not going to leave me
again for months.

I really hope she's telling the truth.