Saturday, November 1, 2014

What's Halloween?

Yesterday was Halloween.
Whatever that means.

All I know is that it was colder than the day before.
Mom did the rounds without me.
I didn't care.

Well, maybe a little.

I got to sit outside and enjoy the sunset.

It was pretty awesome.

I looked eastward...

I looked westward.

Yep.  Awesomeness in both directions.

I became pretty sure there's a mouse living in the tasty plant again.
I went in for a closer look,

but didn't find anything.

Still, I was certain.
So I kept an eye on it as long as Mom would allow.

Eventually she called 'too cold to have the door open'
and made me go inside.

I was restless.

I called to Mom out of boredom.
She found me here:

She failed to understand what I wanted.
Really, I just wanted to have all her attention.

Right after Daddy came home, 
someone knocked on the door that only Daddy uses.
The one we go out of to get to the car.
It was some random kid.
Daddy gave him candy.

Well, THAT'S weird.
I mean, that doesn't normally happen.
One random kid comes to the door no one else uses,
and he gets candy?

So I'm wondering, why do all the humans that normally
visit come through the other door?
Maybe they don't like candy.

I'm just chalking that one up to weird human behavior.

Meanwhile, back in the NORMAL world...

Mom saw fit to hang out with Computer Aunt again.
So I played in my toy box for awhile.

Eventually she joined Daddy in the living room.

She's always got a glass with liquid and ice in it.

I don't really care for what's on the inside,
I just want what's on the outside.

This was probably the third time in one 
day I licked the condensation off her glass.

It wouldn't be the last.
I don't even care if she's trying to drink out of it
at the time.
That condensation is MINE!

After that I reluctantly settled down on her lap.

Regardless of how comfortable that was,
I was still very bored.

I slowly began to 'ooze' off her lap.


Finally I couldn't take it anymore and 
started to play with Mimzy.

I apologize for the dark picture.
The lighting in the living room isn't great.

Mom keeps wishing for a good low-light camera.

And I keep wishing for undivided attention.

Priorities, Mom.  Priorities!