Monday, March 28, 2016

The Insanity of Humans

Hello readers!

It's been a bit of a crazy week and I feel like
curling up and trying to ignore the world.

First off, the office humans went crazy.
When Mom took me into the office on Wednesday
it looked like this:

Mom said it was because they put in new carpet.
New carpet?
The old one was just how I liked it!
And exactly HOW does that justify all the furniture 
being out of place?

I spent a little time investigating the situation.
I even found the refrigerator in the lobby of all places!

I had seen enough!
I wanted to go back home where the furniture was
still in a perfectly sane arrangement.

A couple of days later Mom took me to the office again.
I admit that I was in no hurry to return to that madness.
Fortunately, sanity had once again returned.

The furniture wasn't exactly the same as before,
but much closer than it had been the other day!
I tried out a few spots to see how I liked the new arrangement.

It was tolerable, for the most part.

One thing I completely disapprove of is the new placement
of MY chairs.  They are NOT next to the exit closest to home.

I considered actually using the front door,
but after a peek, (and smell) outside, I thought better of it.

Then there was the matter of the smells inside the office.
The new carpet smells quite strange to my senses.
I'm also very wary of any 'underneath' places.
You never know what could be lurking.

That's why I always make Mom look under the bed for
monsters before I settle down to eat my food.
No, really.  I do.

At least the humans saw fit to save me some old and new carpet scraps.

Caturday came around and I got to spend some quality
time with Mom and Daddy as we went for a car ride.
I was content to stay in my traveling bag at first...

...but eventually my curious nature got the best of me.

Caturday night, however, I noticed Daddy packing a suitcase.
That's never a good sign!
Sure enough, bright and early Easter morning, Daddy left.
Mom says he has to go to work far away for this next week.
I'm really confused by this, because I thought Daddy's birthday 
was this week.

So here we are.
Mom and I.
Sure, Auntie and Uncle visited and so will the 
usual humans, but it's not the same without Daddy.

So I'm going to take every opportunity to curl up and ignore the world.

Unless Mom lets me go outside to the tasty plant...
...or maybe a nighttime recon.
Then maybe I'll acknowledge the world.