Sunday, May 14, 2017

Spring Nights

Ah, the long awaited blog post.
I bet you're all wondering what I've been up to.

Well, nighttime car rides.

Lots and lots of nighttime car rides.

I've watched Daddy drive so much that I started thinking that
maybe I could learn how to do it.

Then I thought better of it.
I mean, who wants to do something when you can just sit there?

Well, not me!

Of course, these pictures were taken when Mom and I
were waiting in the car for Daddy to return.
I hope you all know that I ride buckled in.

The best part of any car ride is, of course, the return home.

Here's where I've taken to scratching on the neighbor's
mat while I wait for my door to open.

In other news,
Mom and Daddy bought me some tasty grass for indoors.

tasty grass!

The other thing that came into my house unexpectedly
was this recliner:

Other Aunt and Uncle brought it in one night.
At first I was like, "Um...who said you could bring this into my house?"

But then I decided it was comfy.
So now, if one of my humans is using a recliner, I don't have to
steal it from them the second they stand up.
Now I can simply curl up in the other one.
Of course, if both my humans are using recliners, I just
have to choose which lap I want to lie on.

With all these changes, we can't overlook the most important one...
spring finally went into full bloom!

With that came more patio time with Mom.

The birds started drinking and bathing in the fountain.

Wait....the birds drink their bath water?!

You say that me using my tongue to bathe it pretty much the same thing?

But what if they poop in the water?

Yeah, O.K., I do lick my butt.
You've got me there.

Where was I?
Oh, yeah.

Speaking of birds, some ducks moved into my neighborhood.
Meet Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.

Of course, they use the same water that all the other birds do.

So now I have to rethink all my hunting strategies...

...and go for more car rides.

I prefer the nighttime rides to the daytime ones.

So, as usual, I hope to write in my blog more often.
Clearly I failed this time...
Sorry about that.
I blame Mom.
After all what has she been doing all this time?
I've done my part.
I've been cute!

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Thank you all!


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