Sunday, July 27, 2014

Caturday Night

Yesterday was warm,
so I was eager to have some time on the patio.

I guess Upstairs Kitty had the same idea.

"Hey, Downstairs Cat!"

"Hey, Upstairs Kitty?"

Mom and Daddy left me for awhile.
Then they stayed home for awhile.

...we all left.

We went to that place that Mom goes to with the Teenagers.

Sure enough, there they were.


I wasn't sure what was going to happen,
but the view sure was nice.

I finally met New Wednesday Guy.
You know, the one that takes Mom away.

I guess he's alright.

There were a lot of unnerving sounds at first.
Bikes, a scooter, cars coming and going...

Eventually, however, the Teenagers began to settle down.
Well, as much as teenagers do.

But they were mostly the same teenagers that come to my house.
So I was pretty used to them.

It turns out we were all watching a movie outside.
At first I couldn't sit still and made Daddy 
walk me around for a bit.

Then he brought me back to Mom and she made me sit still.

It wasn't long before I settled in to watch the movie.
I voiced a few comments.

Everyone really liked my comment about the 
snow leopard in the movie!

What can I say?
I heard the word 'cat' in the movie and ran with it.
I'm a comic genius!

Then it was time to go home.

 What a great Caturday Night on the town!