Thursday, May 21, 2015


Yesterday was a typical Wednesday.
Except that when Mom left, Daddy didn't
come home to keep me company.
So I decided to drag some toys out
to play with all over the house.
I played with my fish-on-a-string toy...

...and, of course, Mimzy.

Then, FINALLY, Mom came home.
Everything seemed fairly normal.
I was happy to see Mom.
She was happy to see me.
She went about the house doing whatever
it is humans do when they first come home.

That's when it happened.
Mom said it was an accident.
You see, apparently there's this fan over
the washer and dryer that Mom never uses.
Well, at least I don't remember ever hearing it...
...until last night.

There's something you need to know about me.
If something is in a different place.
I freak out.
I approach said object with great trepidation.
I respond the same to odd smells or sounds.
So, when that fan came on,
I freaked out.
I began to investigate the area with utmost caution.

It didn't stop there, however.
I was convinced the entire house could no
longer be trusted.
I began to investigate everything
with as much caution as I could.

I stared at everything with a renewed sense of distrust.

That book.
That cup.
That phone charger.
That chair.
My fish toy.

It took awhile, but I finally began to calm down.
I decided to return to the safe option
of napping as much as possible.

Just look how relaxed I was:

Perfectly calm, I tell you.