Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day: OK. Night: Great

Today started off sort of...blah.
I refused to help Mom with the laundry.  I pretty much ignored her.
We had a stare off in the kitchen:

I vocally insisted Mom watch me eat:

My trip to the mailbox was a little stressful... car, dog. Then, in the office that other dog was there.
But we didn't linger too long.
Then I found out it was because Mom was leaving the house.

Before she left, Mimzy was near the hallway here:

And McQueen was in the dining room here:

When Mom got back HOURS later,
they were both in the dining room here:

I had gotten a little bored and lonely.  
I was really happy when Mom came home with that nice boy.

I was really talkative and
I ran around the house!

By the time Daddy got home I had all my wiggles out.